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Farmhouse Decor Inspiration - Long Skirt Slipcovers, Shabby Chic

Everyone has been so obsessed about this farmhouse, rustic living trend and we thought “Hey, let’s see what the fuss is about?”. Turns out, farmhouse and rustic decor is just a simple and practical way of decorating a home. Almost every decor piece in a farmhouse style home has an alternate use. It doesn’t get any more efficient than that, and we are absolute suckers for efficiency and multi-functional stuff.

We scoured the entire Internet, checked out all the farmhouse blogs on Pinterest and even dug through our image banks to see what makes a perfect farmhouse decor. And we came up with the 10 must-haves in a rustic, country home. 

Image courtesy of @deucecitieshenhouse

#1 Wood Panelling

Wood, wood and lots more wood. It is the backbone of the whole rustic look. Add wooden panelling to parts of your wall, flooring and ceiling. If you’re not a fan of such big changes, you can opt for wooden accent pieces, like tables, side tables and chairs.

Image courtesy Driven by Decor on Pinterest

#2 Galvanized Metal 

You know that worn galvanized metal watering can you have in your shed? That can actually be the perfect farmhouse decor piece. Just give it a good scrub, add on a layer of glossy translucent paint and voila! You have a brand new, country home-worthy flower pot. 

Image courtesy of SouthernDaisyStudio on Pinterest

#3 Farmhouse Signage 

No farmhouse is complete without a classic farmhouse sign. You can use it on walls, in the kitchen and even on your bedroom door.

If farmhouse signages are not your thing, you can opt for a chalkboard instead. Those work really well as a decor item and also as an emergency note board.

Image courtesy of Lizmarieblog on Pinterest

#4 Patio Bench

A wooden patio bench adds a touch of vintage to your home without even trying. You can easily get these wooden benches at yard sales or flea markets. With a shiny new coat of paint, they’d be a perfect country home addition. Go for a worn look on the paint job for added farmhouse effect!

Image courtesy of Nesting Place on Pinterest

#5 Aged Candles

Candles are the perfect choice for decor when it comes to re-creating the classic country abode look. You can fit them almost anywhere; mantelpieces, dining table, side tables.

Pop them into a worn brass candelabra and you’d have a stunning dinner table centerpiece without having to break a sweat.

Image courtesy of @the_cornellranch on Instagram

#6 Loose-fit Slipcovers

Shabby chic? Yes, please! The backbone of a farmhouse living room is definitely the laid-back, skirted, relaxed look of the sofa. For a classic look, try a beige or off-white set of loose-fit slipcovers.

And if you’re feeling bold, try greys and browns. You’d be surprised at how well they fit in with your ranch style decor.

Image courtesy of @alyssamthiel on Instagram

#7 Wooden Chest

If you’ve been on Pinterest, looking for farmhouse decor inspo, you’ll know that wooden chests are an absolute need. These guys are not just a unique addition to your decor but they double as a side table or coffee table.

And aside from that, they serve as additional storage for hiding away clutter.


#8 Baskets

Baskets are a versatile addition to your country home decor look. The best ones to go for are the rattan baskets, which are a farmhouse classic. Wire baskets are perfect, if you’re going for a modern farmhouse look.

These simple accent pieces not only add authenticity, but they also serve as additional storage space! 

Image courtesy of SoulouposeTo on Pinterest

#9 Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are another great decor option for those looking for the perfect ranch home inspo. These glass bottles can be used as vases, spice holders and water dispensers at the dinner table.

With some DIY skills, you can also turn it into some pretty exciting wall decor like this one

Image courtesy of Happy Joe on Pinterest

#10 Vintage Display Cabinet

No rustic look is complete without a finely aging cabinet to display your china and ironstone collection, even your prized plate collection. In addition, you can even go with open display racks or floating wooden racks, where you can show-off your farmhouse trinkets and ornaments. 

So, those are ten of the staples that you should have, if you’re planning for a farmhouse makeover. Did we miss any of your favorite farmhouse staple or DIY hack? Let us know in the comments below and we may just feature your ideas in our next blogpost. Have fun decorating!

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