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10 ideas to decorate a rental home

Everyone has faced the problems trying to decorate a rental home at some point in their life. “Don’t do construction work”, “don’t drill the walls”… We know how difficult it is to have the home of your dreams when you need to discuss and negotiate everything with your landlord.

But, as we always like to say, with just a little bit of ingenuity and creativity you can do anything. Check out our following tips and make your rented home unique and personal. 🙂

1. Pictures on the floor, shelves, and cabinets

The most common rule of a rented place is not to drill holes on the walls without authorised permission. So how can you decorate a rental home with your pictures and paintings without doing it? Easy! Just put all your frames on the floor or shelves. Your house can still look more modern and custom.

Who needs a wall full of pictures when you can have them on a beautiful shelf?

2. Sofa covers

You can’t sendyour landlord’s old sofa to the landfill but you can certainly buy a new slipcover and make it look amazing. Also, you will add your personal style to your home decor as well.

Remember to choose a fabric with a color and a texture which represents you. You can check all the fabrics we have on our sofa covers online store here: Fabric Samples.

how to decorate a rental home
Change the color and texture of your sofa with a new slipcover from Comfort Works.

3. Relocate furniture

Many times just changing the location of your furniture will completely change the ambience of your home.

Remember to never put furniture in front of the windows and have your curtains open. Let the light come in – your house will seem bigger and brighter.

how to decorate a rental home
A smart furniture placement can make your house seem bigger and luminous.

4. Wall Stickers

Another way to add a personal touch to your home without any noisy and/or annoying construction work is just adding some wall stickers. You don’t even need to buy buckets of paint and bear with the smell (assuming your landlord allows you to repaint the place).

Easily fill big empty walls without making your landlord angry because you can easily remove them at the end of the lease.

wall stickers
Wall stickers will make blank walls a lot less boring.

5. Plants

Plants are the best way to bring your house to life. Try adding a few green plants with colorful pots and you will see how your home will have another vibe.

It’s also a fast and cheap way to decorate and you’ll be helping the environment.

how to decorate a rental home
Fill your home with life with little plants on your shelves, kitchen, etc.

6. Accessorize

What makes a home truly unique is to get tiny items for the final touch, so don’t be afraid of accessorizing! Amazon and eBay are full of little articles perfect to make your house look more like you.

You can also accessorize just changing your cushion covers. Check the ones we have at Comfort Works here: Pillow Covers.

how to decorate a rental home
Pillows, plants, cushions… Accessorize is the magic work to have an incredible rental home.

7. Textiles, textiles and more textiles

Textiles always make the difference. Carpets, curtains, blankets, tablecloths, it’s an affordable way to add more style to any space.

Your rented house will have a softer and friendlier vibe with all the soft furnishings, making it warm and welcoming on the whole.

how to decorate a rental home
A blanket on your sofa will make it more homelike.

8. Lamps & Lighting

Change the lighting of a room and it’ll brighten up again (literally). You can’t even imagine what a new and powerful bulb can do. Also, you can try adding LEDs in some walls. Super simple, yet splendidly spectacular.

how to decorate a rental home
Create a pleasant atmosphere in your home by adding small bulbs to your walls.

9. Personal stuff

Last but not least, your books, pictures, posters – this is hands down the best way to make your house more personal. Nothing speaks closer about the music you enjoy, or how hipster you are with the vinyls you collect.

Try to make sure you put them in places where you and your guests can see them!

how to decorate a rental home
Curtains, suitcases, pictures, statues – Be personal!

And these are our ideas and tips to decorate a rental home!

Hope this article has helped you in decorating your house. If you are looking for more inspiration to decorate a rental home you can also check:

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Happy designing!

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