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10 Ways to Make Living in an Apartment With Your Dog Easier

Dogs are beautiful creatures that make great pets.

They are excellent companions that bring happiness and joy to our lives. However, living with any dog in an apartment can be tricky not just due to the fact these tend to be smaller spaces, but also because most apartment buildings have rules against living with dogs.

Nevertheless, you need to know that not all dog breeds can survive in an apartment, so it’s best to be sure that your dog’s temperament will suit apartment living and if it is, be ready to commit to making it work.

Some great example of apartment-friendly breeds are Yorkies, French bulldogs and pugs, but once you’ve committed to moving with your dog, you’ll need strategies to help make living in an apartment with your dog as comfortable for both of you as possible.

Here are our top tips:

1. Set up an exercise pen.

Consider building a simple exercise pen using some simple power tools and customizing it to your home’s layout and decor.

This will help you confine your dog and his bed to a part of the apartment where he’s safe, secure and supervised as well as keep him away from the front door.

This way, you’ll give him a dedicated space where he’ll have the opportunity to acclimatize to his new surroundings and you’ll have the chance to move everything in with peace of mind.

2. Feed your dog a balanced diet.

A highly nutritious meal can help keep your pup healthy, happy and alleviate numerous common illnesses among other dogs.

Small, energetic dogs in particular need a nutritionally-balanced meal that’s rich in protein in small portions.

3. Exercise your dog daily.

Dogs can get their exercise by running or playing fetch, even in small apartments.

However, be sure to make time for your dog by taking him for walks in the evenings, which make for an excellent way for you two to bond and for him to get some fresh air after being in the apartment all day.

4. Store your dog’s essentials in a dedicated corner.

If you want to share your small apartment with a dog, having a dedicated space for his toys, equipment, food and snacks is essential.

Instead of having them all over the house, you can allocate a small part of it for this to keep your space neat and clutter-free.

This will make it easier for you to grab whatever you need and go whenever you want to take him out.

5. Keep him busy with puzzle toys.

Puzzle toys that keep your dog mentally challenged for hours can be helpful when you live in an apartment that doesn’t have access to a spacious balcony or backyard.

These treat-containing toys — like the ZippyPaws Woodland Friends Burrow, Interactive Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy — will not only keep your best bud entertained for hours, it’ll tire him out and keep him out of mischief when evening rolls around.

6. Have him trained.

The right training can help you live peacefully with your dog in a small apartment.

Living in an apartment means sharing walls with your neighbors, so it’s essential that your dog knows what’s acceptable and what’s not when he’s at home.

Proper training can also help you maintain a dog-free space in certain parts of your home, which is ideal if you live with people who have allergies.

7. Be mindful of your neighbours.

Living in a shared space means having to be especially mindful of your dog’s behaviour and messes, especially when he’s out in the building’s common areas.

Having a dog that’s well-behaved and being quick about cleaning up his poop is also important when you live in an apartment since not everyone in the building will love dogs.

8. Consider doggy daycare.

If your dog tends to be anxious and bark while you’re out, it may be best to consider taking him to a doggy daycare while you look for help to heal his anxiety.

This way, instead of being left alone at home and aggravating your neighbours, he’ll have the opportunity to socialise with other people and play with other dogs while being looked after when you’re out.

9. Keep your pooch soothed.

If your dog’s easily spooked by unfamiliar sights and noises, try adding blinds to your windows or even leaving the TV on if it’s soothing for him.

Another way to keep him calm and feeling secure is to leave a white noise machine on to mask the noises coming from outside.

An even better way to keep your pooch anxiety free? Expose him to different types of noises and people as soon as you adopt him so he gets accustomed to, and not terrified of them.

10. Design a low-maintenance apartment.

One of the easiest ways to make your apartment a joy to live in for both you and your dog is to design a space that’s as low-maintenance as possible.

This means minimal clutter, thoughtfully arranged furniture as well as easy-to-clean materials.

Think: Light, airy rugs; removable, machine-washable and claw-resistant sofa and dining chair slipcovers; colours that match your pet’s fur and spill-resistant fabrics.

Not only will small but functional touches like these make your home pet-friendly, they’ll also save you plenty of time cleaning.

Cynthia Garcia is the editor and content creator at The Crazy Pet Guy. She’s a passionate pet rescue supporter and in her free time, she’s always looking for ways to help the community.

Feature image: Victor Grabarczyk on Unsplash