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custom slipcover

It’s that time of the season again where we find ourselves making lists of ingredients to buy, elaborate meals to cook, things to do around the house, cards to send, people to invite and gifts to buy. Yes, Christmas is coming and no, we’re never too early.

As much as this wonderful holiday brings joy and merriness, it can be a little overwhelming for some of us in terms of all the preparations that surround it. Every year we’d be scratching our head, wondering what to give to those we dearly love – this sweet gran of yours, your children, your husband, friends and other members of the family – they all deserve the most thoughtful gifts.

If this stresses you out, fret not! We have come up with brilliant ideas to help you get a head-start in the gifting area. Here are our 12 gift ideas:

1. Potted herbs


For the gourmet cooks in the family or wannabe Masterchefs, they will surely love to have fresh herbs such as basil, mint, parsley, thyme handy. Herbs are easy to care for and simple to put together in a few pots or in a large wooden crate.

2. Beach towel

beach towels

With the summer season in Australia, nothing beats a colourful beach towel as a present. The perfect gift for those who like spending a day lounging by the sea, toes in the sand and sunbathing with a good book. This also makes for a much appreciated gift for surfers.

Alternatively you can consider a Snuggie if you’re in the colder countries.

3. Pool toys

pool toys

With the Christmas season, some of us do like to celebrate with a barbeque around the pool. Children and adults alike will enjoy having lilos and other pool toys to lounge on, float on and play with.

Once again, this probably works best if you’re down under in the Southern Hemisphere.

4. A custom slipcover

custom slipcover

In line with the magic of Christmas, a custom slipcover brings light and a sense of new beginnings in anyone’s living room and to anyone’s furniture. This would make an excellent gift for the newly-married couple you know who just bought a house, or your lovely relative who seems to have everything. You don’t actually have to get the slipcover, a simple gift card works miracles too!

P.S. Did you know Comfort Works now sell gift cards also?

5. A fine bottle of wine

bottle of wine

Wine never gets old – in fact, it gets better with age. Offer the finest bottle of wine to the connoisseurs in your family or an esteemed friend. This makes a great gift idea for your Book Club hostess too.

6. An elegant bracelet

elegant bracelet

Pick something exquisitely beautiful for one of your favourite friends. Choose a bracelet that when worn, makes her feel special.

Guys reading this – you have been reminded.

Girls reading this – make your guy read this.

7. A DIY kit for beading

DIY Beading kit

Have a friend, aunt or niece who has been trying to get more creative and does not know where or how to start? Why not offer a kit for beading? The DIY kits usually come with all the instructions and also a few samples of necklaces or other ornaments to be done.

8. A personalized canvas with photo prints

personalised photo canvas

If you are tech-savvy, you might know or even follow some of your friends and family members on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram. An ideal gift would be to give them a personalized canvas with their most loved photos.

9. A silk scarf

nice scarf

Silk scarves are so elegant and make a great gift for those who love the finer things in life. A silk scarf is the epitome of timeless style and class. It can be worn around the neck, to tie one’s hair and even to adorn one’s handbag.

10. Beach hats


Funky ones, stylish ones, large and elegant like Audrey Hepburn’s famous iconic black hat or floral ones – they exist in many colours, shapes and style.

11. A framed memory

DIY picture frame

We all have those special moments that we have shared with our loved ones. How about capturing a memorable occasion in a beautiful frame that can be displayed all year round?

The best kinds are of course, the ones you make yourself and only if you don’t have enough time do you buy them. Extra thought and effort are always appreciated at this time of year.

12. A recipe book


An inspiring gift for the food lovers in the family. This is a gift that can give someone an opportunity to create the dishes they enjoy or discover new ways of preparing amazing cuisine.

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