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13 Cats That Tried Messing With Furniture And Lost

There’s a reason why cats have nine lives—and that’s because they’re always getting into some kind of trouble.

You’ve seen them in action everywhere. From knocking things off the table while looking at you squarely in the eye to climbing up curtains and effectively ruining them, cats are known to mess around with furniture all the time.

But they’re not always good at it. Behold, a compilation of cat fails when it comes to cats that tried messing with furniture and ultimately lost.

1. This cat went into the kitchen and broke a plate while stealing his brother’s food:

2. This cat reflecting on its mistake…quite literally:

3. When your cat can’t leave the potted plant alone:

4. Climbing up curtains is one thing, but getting stuck in the blinds is another:

5. This cat that figured out the mechanics of an underwear drawer:

6. While this cat went a bit too far with it:

7. Accidents happen, as this cat proves:

8. At least grandma won’t be rolling in her grave with this act:

9. This cat failing spectacularly at trying to jump up the wardrobe, managing to pull down the mirror and turn off the lights:

10. This cat attempting to be Spider-Man—or Spider Cat:

11. Cats and Christmas trees are never a good mix, as this one proves:

12. This cat won’t be trying out for the hurdles anytime soon:

13. And finally, this cat that didn’t know how glass works:

We know having cats at home can be pretty unpredictable, especially where furniture is concerned. At the very least, you can change your home environment to be more pet-friendly.

A great place to start: Your sofa.

Certain fabrics for sofas are more pet-friendly than others, particularly those with a tighter weave so your cat’s claws won’t get stuck in them.

Thinking of making your sofa more cat-friendly? Take up to 8 of our slipcover fabric samples of your choice for a spin before you decide on the perfect one: