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20 2020 Living Room Decorations For A Fresh Start

Christmas has come and gone which means only one thing – it’s time to prepare for the new year.

And what better way to kick off than touching up on your living space aesthetic. After all, if you’re going to be new years cleaning, why not go the extra step? 

As they say: new year, new living room. And by “they” we mean us.

So whip out those resolutions, it’s time to get cracking. If we’re all going to be spending too much time indoors during these cold months, it might as well look good.

In the spirit of new beginnings, go green and add a touch of organic to your living space.

Organic is fresh so expect lots of natural elements and a rustic flair. This decor style looks particularly impressive in living rooms with wooden floors, lightly colored walls and a generous amount of natural light.

Let’s get to it. Starting with:

The living room centrepiece

Any living room transformation starts with the sofa. Big and noticeable, it’s the most used piece of furniture.

In fact, designers agree that a great living room starts with a great sofa. Good news is that you won’t be needing a new one.

A simple couch cover is enough to dramatically alter the look and feel of the couch. They’re much cheaper than shelling out for a new sofa and are easily changeable for when your decor needs a shake up. 

To achieve the clean and rustic aesthetic required for a fresh living room, white linen couch covers are the perfect choice

Linen is a natural fabric that’s shabby chic in look. It’s classy, modern and not overdramatic, leaving some of the spotlight available for the other decorations.

What’s next?

Bringing in the outdoors

There’s no going green without the green part. You’ll need some plants.

There’s a creative way to include them to your living space without adding to the clutter.

Hanging plants on the wall is a simple and minimalistic way to include the living element without fuss. Simply mount them on a wall exposed to sunlight and fill them with hydroponic plants. 

Not only will they require low levels of maintenance, but can be easily removed thanks to the fact the hangers stick to the wall for reversible changes.

Or bring in the entire forest

Why settle for just a few measly shrubs when you can have an entire woodland?

All that’s needed is a little lamp.

A wonderful concept that is perfectly in theme, there’s no better time to make use of creative lighting like this. Just switch it on in your pitch dark living room and watch it turn come to life like a scene from the jungle book.

Truthfully the lamp itself isn’t all that functional, whether in illuminating the surrounding or cosying up for a reading session.

But it does what it does well – transforming your living room surrounding and creating instant ambiance.

Sunlight Management

Natural light is the best type of lighting for complementing living room decors.

Scientifically, it has a huge range of wavelengths for the elements in your living room to reflect. This makes the colors pop.

And while you’ll definitely want lots of sunlight for this organic decor, too much will become overbearing. If this is your living room, curtains are the solution.

Aside from being just what we’re looking for aesthetically, these curtains fit the bill functionally as well.

Perfect for sunrooms and living rooms with too much sunlight angled on specific areas, use them to diffuse the light gently without cutting it out altogether.

Back to basics

If there’s one living room object that’s always an eyecatcher, it would be the clock.

Not the most glamorous or exciting, but that’s the truth so best take it into consideration in your living room overhaul.

Thematically, a wooden clock is the obvious choice. Even better if it incorporates a little white in it for a cleaner, more modern look that looks great in sunlight. 

See Nature, Feel Nature

Grass feeling sandals. Why is this a thing? 

Well as it turns out, lots of people like the feeling of walking on grass. It brings them that much closer to the outdoors and is in fact quite therapeutic.

The best decors don’t stop at making a room look a certain way but feel it as well. With this, you can quite literally achieve that effect.

So leave a pair of grass sandals for your guests at the entrance. They’ll not only be deeply amused by your tastes, but also leave your new living room nice and clean.

The full sensory experience

Diffusers can serve as decorative items on their own, but they more importantly add a certain something to a room that instantly wins over guests.

That something of course is smell.

Why stop at seeing and feeling nature when you can smell it too? Indulge yourself in sensory stimulation. 

Not only will your chapped lips be thankful, it also primes your guests and set their expectations for the living room tour. They will of course not be dissapointed. 

Simply place the diffuser somewhere conspicuous and let it get to work. The puffs of vapour only add to the visual aspect.

Functional Lighting

More light is never a bad idea, especially since the other lamp was far more decorative than functional.

Versatile and naturally formed, a salt lamp is the go to choice.

Aside from supposed homeopathic benefits touted by questionable scientific sources, the light it emits is unquestionably quite nice. A distinct orangy glow tinged with pink.

Bright in itself, the lamp can be used flexibly. Either as an accent to one of the numerous additions to your living room or as lighting for everyday tasks like reading.

Barrels of fun

Nature inspired or not, this mini barrel makes for great functional decor.

Aside from being fun and cute even as a standalone decoration, it’s a classy and adds a touch of refinement. 

Truly the ideal way to store your favourite tipples. The insides are even lined with plastic to prevent drinks from being exposed to the wood.

Perfect as a drinking station, remember to bust it out when the time comes to unveil your new living room.

Discount Wooden Floors

Not everyone can enjoy the luxury of a lovely wooden floor, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look like they have them.

Vinyl adhesive planks are the sort of hack that will drastically alter the look of any room. They are among the best choices to serve as a starting point for a living room overhaul.

If that sounds like an exaggeration, check out some of the customer photos on Amazon to see some before and after pictures.

Authentic looking, easy to clean and textured to feel like real wood, they could even be an upgrade from your old flooring. 

The only real downside is how much effort it takes to set up – think hours of tedious cutting, shaping and pasting. 

Throw in some industrial style

New year gatherings mean guests. If you’re fortunate enough to already own a wooden table, you’ll know the pains of fending them, and their beverages off from irreparably damaging your table. Do all of it again in style.

Take a page from the industrial chic catalogue with a couple of pallet coasters.

Made from real wood, the mini pallets are absorbent to wick away any droplets from reaching your table. 

Less dated (ahem, boring) than a traditional coaster, they do the same job with some flair. Logistics and warehouse workers in particular will be greatly seduced by their charm.

Fancy Feng Shui

If you don’t already have extra plants to fill in the greenless spaces of your living room, a couple more will do your living room justice.

Of course, the last thing you’ll want is to turn your living room into a living chore. Consider some low-maintenance options.

There are many plant choices that even those of us with the blackest of thumbs can cultivate but there is nothing more symbolistic for zen beauty than the bamboo plant.

Commonly associated with good luck practices, bamboo is practically impossible to kill. It only needs to be left in an inch of water, changed every couple of weeks to keep it alive. What a great choice!

Care for it well and you may even be blessed with good fortune.

Tree house in your house

There’s rarely a good enough occasion to uproot and haul a tree into your house so you’re going to have to settle for second best.

If you’ve got a couple of fur babies, that’s enough of an excuse to go grand; with a cat tree… tree.

Basically a tree house for your cats, cat trees aren’t anything new. This one in particular goes the extra mile of dressing up like the real deal.

A great looking and functional addition to your new living room, it has all the colors we want. Earthy tones with lots of decorative foliage, it’s all that’s needed to give your little friends a taste of the high life.

Staying Fresh

The opposite of fresh is stale; and that’s what you get when skipping cleaning day one too many times. Such would the waste of leaving your living room to gather dust after spending so much decorating it.

While not actually being a decoration (unless that’s your thing), a robot vacuum should be on everyone’s shopping list this year. The technology has come far enough to be far more help than a nuisance. 

Not only do they reduce dust pileup, but also save you time so you can spend it on more important things – like cleaning the walls.

Which one to get? The newly released Roborock s6 is the way to go. 

It is pretty much universally agreed to be the best thing since sliced bread by the automated cleaning community and it comes in white. Because you know, theme.

Setting the mood

Having multiple lighting choices is always useful. It’s the quickest way to switch up the mood in your living room.

Best part? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive.

Something simple like LED candles will add a touch of mystery and romance for an evening escapade.

The use of candles in decoration and scene setting is so common that they’ve become a cliche. Simply put, they work.

And thanks to technology we are now able to buy the same effect and reuse it again and again. 

They look like real candles same and even simulate the movement of flickering flames. So kick back and bask in their dancing glow. Best part? You won’t even have to worry about setting the house on fire.

Seeing Stars

Nature is a theme that can be explored endlessly. Even on the blackest of nights when the light falls short of your room.

There’s a way to turn that darkness into a scene of wonder. All it takes is simple technology borrowed from our childhood days.

Ta-da! Discount camping 🙂

Bask under the light of a thousand stars from the comfort of your own home. Simple and lovely, shining bright as long as the little glow in the dark stars are charged by sunlight. 

Artsy types can even map out constellations to really make the most of this. Now your living will look effortlessly great even at night.

Christmas magic in the room

How will your living room look in the dark? Without a night light, maybe you won’t know – because you can’t see it.

Artsy yet unassuming when turned off, be unique in your decorations with an unorthodox lamp that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

Looking like a framed piece of papermached art when switched off, this picturesque box is a great addition to a living room that celebrates all things natural. The picture itself is structured from many layers of paper which adds to the vividness of the image when illuminated. 

Simply flip the switch and watch the lovely landscapes depicted come to life. It’s absolutely mesmerizing in the dark.

Secretive potted plant

Can we all appreciate how great it is that we now have the luxury of using our cats’ toilet as a decorative piece?

Seemingly a potted plant at a distance, this ingenious litter box is there for your cat when nature calls, all while remaining completely inconspicuous.

Truly the perfect solution to hide unsightly litter boxes, especially in smaller sized living rooms and flats with little space to work with.

Simply face the pot at an angle to hide the exposed hole and let your feline friends enjoy their new found privacy.

Back to the sofa

Unless you’ve got yourself a long skirted sofa cover, chances are your sofa has some beautiful legs to show off. Make sure they look right at home.

Replacement legs are the way to go for quickly dressing up your sofa to match the theme. Needless to say, wooden legs will look the best in your new living room.

Suitable for most IKEA sofas with removable legs, there’s a huge selection you can pick from to personalize the color, shape or height of the sofa legs. 

Use them alongside the linen sofa covers and complete the transformation of your sofa.


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