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20 New Parent Tweets That Will Make You Laugh, Cry And Sigh In Relief

Parenting is hard. Still, you know what they say – misery loves company. Here are 20 new parent tweets that will make you laugh, cry, and sigh in relief that you are not alone in your parenting journey:

1. When you’re having trouble deciding whether you want your adorable baby to be asleep or awake:

2. When parenting feels like eating the same ice-cream flavour for 18 years of your life:

3. When you start rethinking your life choices on a plane:

4. When you just never seem to learn from your past ‘mistakes’:

5. When you feel like you’re playing Cops and Robbers except you can only give your Robbers time out, not jail time:

6. When you feel like you’ve gone a long way back in time. A really long way:

7. When you miss life before a mini tyrant appeared and took away all your abilities to enjoy being an adult:

8. When everyone else seems to be a parenting expert, and aren’t shy about giving you ‘advice’:

9. When trying to tire out your kids so they’ll ‘sleep earlier’ means tiring yourself out even more with regret:

10. When you’re ready to join the X-Men, because becoming a parent makes you feel like a mutant:

11. When you’re so exhausted that you end up letting them do whatever they want…as long as they don’t get themselves killed:

12. When you begin partaking in the traditional ritual known as ‘gain a baby, lose all your friends and time’:

13. When you feel compelled by your conscience to warn all your childless friends who want kids about what they may be getting themselves into:

14. When absence of consciousness makes the heart grow fonder:

15. When your baby decides he doesn’t want to do anything that requires moving because that’s what you’re here for:

16. When people tell you to enjoy these moments with your kids because these moments won’t last long, and you have to try to not punch them in the face:

17. When you’re not sure if your babies are a heavenly gift or prank:

18. When you regret the day you bought your kid that toy that makes noises:

19. When alone time now means a date with your bed, without fail:

20. When all you really, really want is time to yourself:

… but you’ll never trade your bundle of joy for anything else in the world, even if you have to worry about things like introducing your baby to your pets, or how you’ll make parenting mistakes

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