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5 ways to make your sofa spark joy

Spring is almost upon us and everyone is a Marie Kondo at this point of time.

The rooms are spick and span, the closets organized to a tee, there’s not a trace of clutter in sight. Your living space is all set to spark joy.

But, what about your sofa? How do you revitalize your sofa and make you smile again? Here are five ways how.

#1. Give Your Sofa Some Legs Or Replace The Old Ones

Comfort Works - Replacement Sofa Legs

Replacement sofa legs are probably the easiest way to make your sofa look new again. And, who can resist the temptation of shiny new legs that have the magic powers to instantly give your decor a ‘lift’?

If you’re in need of replacement sofa legs, check out the brand new additions to our sofa legs family, the Cooper, Stella and Peroni.

#2. Make It Over With A Sofa Slipcover

Comfort Works - Replacement Sofa Slipcovers

Just slip one of these babies over your sofa and it’ll look fabulous all over again.

That’s just how simple it is to give your sofa a new look with replacement sofa slipcovers.

Speaking of slipcovers, our new tempest grey Rouge Storm velvet fabric has just arrived. A new set of dark grey velvet sofa slipcovers sound good, don’t they?

#3. Plump Up Your Cushion With New Inserts

Cushions are the very essence of a cozy sofa. As bouncy as they may have been, fresh out the delivery trucks, cushions are the ones affected the most by wear and tear.

But, that’s no reason to throw out a perfectly good (and super pricey) sofa. Just replace the cushion inserts, get them upholstered or slipcovered and your sofa will be as good as new!

#4. Re-arrange Your Sofa Layout

Change up your sofa placement. Move the decor around. Highlight your sofa with statement decor items. Use sectional pieces, like a corner unit, on their own, to give you a brand new, statement seating piece.

Use chaises as day beds by the window. So many layouts, so many ideas, leave it up to your creative soul to guide you to your perfect sofa and living room layout

#5. Hack Your Sofa To Make It Smarter

ikea sofa hack with wireless charging

You know what’s smart? A sofa with a built-in wireless charging. No one wants to be interrupted from their weekend of lying on the sofa, scrolling away on social media but what happens when you run out of battery?

Plug in, chill out. Grab that book that you’ve always wanted to read and leave your phone in the charging pocket for the next 30 minutes.

You guys are already familiar with our built-in USB charging ports, but, that’s going to have a partner-in-crime real soon so make sure you stick around for more smart sofa updates from us.

So, that’s five of our best “KonMari” methods to give your sofa new life. Be sure to try them out and have fun with your newly, redis-covered sofas! If you have additional suggestions on how to make old sofas spark joy again, drop them in the comment section. Sharing is caring, after all.

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