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9 Reasons To Love The Scandinavian Aesthetic And How To Recreate It At Home

Nothing captures the essence of modern, minimal and nature-inspired themes in a space quite like the Scandinavian aesthetic.

When done right, touches of Scandinavian can make parts of a space seem like it was frozen in time, thanks to its contrasting blend of modern and natural design elements.

With so many subtle design elements coming together, recreating it at home can seem tricky, but it’s actually easier than you think.

We’ve narrowed down the elements that make the aesthetic so iconic, and so that you can recreate them at home.

Emphasise Natural Light

Whenever you’re in a Scandinavian inspired space, it’s hard not to notice how open and light it seems. thanks to its emphasis on neutral colours and natural lighting.

During the winter months, Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden have very limited amounts of sunlight, which is why most of their interiors have white walls and furniture.

The use of white colours in these spaces are used to amplify sunlight and make the interiors appear brighter.

Go For Clean, Straight Lines

Another aspect we love about the Scandinavian look is its emphasis on using clean, slim and fuss-free lines, which add to the overall modern and minimal theme of the Scandinavian aesthetic.

You can see how this is evident in this Scandinavian-inspired space by Lotta and Henrik Imberg, who have fun with picture frames, furniture legs and wall cutouts, to subtly pull off the Scandinavian look.

Bare Is Beautiful

When it comes to flooring, to abide by the Scandinavian aesthetic is to keep things as natural as possible.

This is achieved with hardwood floors in light tones.

These floors are typically kept bare with the occasional exception of rugs to add some colour and texture to the space.

The floors also serve to amplify the natural light, adding to the feeling of calm and spaciousness.

Neutral And Muted Colours

If you want to transform your space into a Scandinavian getaway, the use of neutral and muted colours are an absolute must.

Tones like white, grey, and brown should ideally be the dominant colours in your space. These neutral tones allow the benefit of making accent pieces in bright and bold colours pop and stand out.

Want a sofa in a neutral or muted colour? Instead of getting brand new furniture to get the look you want, it might be easier and more affordable to get a sofa slipcover in those colours instead.

Clear The Clutter

Two recurring themes in the Scandinavian aesthetic is the abundance of space and a lack of clutter in its surroundings.

It’s as if the Scandinavians took a page from the minimalists interior designing handbook and decided to incorporate it within their homes.

One of our favourite examples of spaces that embrace the clutter-free principle is Miriam and Morten Amager’s home, which combine their different yet complementary styles.

Miriam’s love for patterns and colour along with Morten’s Danish mid-century minimalist style come together nicely in their stunning space.

If you want to recreate a similar look like this one at home, try adopting the mantra of “less is more”, and decorate your space with intention, resulting in a look that’s clean and visually relaxing.

Limit Window Treatments

Because Scandinavian spaces have a strong emphasis on natural lighting, most use little or no window treatments at all.

Scandinavians know the importance of natural daylight and recognize how essential it is for our well-being, which is why they tend to keep their windows clear and free from obstructions to let in as much natural sunlight into their space as possible.

Simple Decorative Accents

When you’re working with a space that’s filled with muted colours, it gives you the chance to play around with accent pieces that give it unexpected pops of fun and playfulness.

In this living room, Christina Binau Bonnor, a lifestyle blogger and business owner, along with her boyfriend, Ulrich carefully selected their decorative pieces so that they would subtly accent and complement the clean, minimalist aesthetic of their space.

Some of the most popular decorative elements in Scandinavian-inspired spaces include ceramic vases, geometric patterns, wood, copper and brass pieces.

Warm Textiles

For that extra touch of Scandinavian authenticity, you might want to consider getting a sheepskin rug for your home.

Sheepskin rugs have a long Scandinavian and Nordic history dating back as far as the early 15th century when sheepskin was used as blankets, rugs, and even clothing.

Bring The Outdoors, Indoors

Although not strictly Scandinavian, most living spaces that embrace this aesthetic have strategically-placed greens in a starring and consistently- recurring role.

To be honest, we can see why: Plants do an excellent job at standing out in a sea of neutrals and natural lighting, thanks to their vibrant and lush nature.

A favourite of ours is the home of Catrine Svelligen, an interior stylist and visual storyteller who brings her space to life using greenery as a feature decorative element.

The result is a lively yet calm-inspiring space that makes you feel right at home.

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