Norsborg Sofa Review

IKEA Norsborg Sofa Review

After the discontinued Karlstad, many speculations have been made as to what its successor would be. Some have speculated the Landskrona, which is surprisingly similar to the Karlstad but it was only...
Ektorp Tullsta Armchair Slipcovered

The Ultimate IKEA Armchair Review!

Looking for an IKEA Armchair but not sure which will be the one? Ideally this is the armchair that's comfy enough when you want some alone time at the corner of the living room. The chair that does...
dagarn sofa featured from IKEA

The Dagarn IKEA Sofa Review!

We'll be reviewing this cute little number today - the IKEA Dagarn Sofa. Let's find out whether it's worth the money, shall we? Aesthetics First of all, I'd have to say that not everyone agrees with...