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How to pick the best colour for your sofa

A sofa is a very important part of every living room, it’s one of the pieces with more visual weight in the lounge decoration and let’s be real – it’s also one of the most used furniture. Yes, we all love to lie on our sofa for a lazy afternoon 😉

But which color should we choose for our sofa? As the sofa lovers we are, we want to make sure you make the perfect decision and that’s the reason we have created this post with a few tips. Hope it’s useful!

1. Research, measure and think

This is the probably the most important advice you will ever need. Before you start looking at fabrics, colors and decoration styles – you need to sit down, look at your living room and think which are your purposes with your new decoration project.

All your needs and requirements will change depending on your aims and goals. For example, imagine that you want to make your sofa the main character of your living room. It should thus stand out the moment your visitors arrive at your house and invite them down for a seat. In that case, you will need a big sofa with bright colors which should contrast the colors with the rest of the decor.

2. Analog colors

The analog colors are those which are close up on the chromatic color circle. In other words, these are the colours in between primarily colours e.g. orange-yellow or reddish-brown. The combinations of analog colors make your living room more peaceful and relaxed.

If you choose a sofa which is in harmony with the rest of the colors of your living room, you will feel as though the entire home is in perfect equilibrium, free from any worries.

3. Complementary colors

The complementary (contrasting) colors are those which are faced opposite from each other in the chromatic color circle. Mixing these colors you will have an energetic and happy room. It will be full of life. These colors aren’t very recommended for bedrooms but can be very interesting for kitchens or living rooms, because you will feel all the extra energy when you are there.

Living room with contrast colors – ft. Comfort Works Manstad cover with contrast piping

4. Warm colors

Red, orange, yellow – these warm colors are also full of energy and life. A room with red walls (or a red sofa) stimulates your heart and blood pressure. As a result, this encourages conversations and interesting talks. Psychologically, red clothing also seemingly makes people more attractive and/or confident so it can be applied similarly here.

Orange is a very energetic color, which is why many gyms have this color in their logos. Yellow is the color of happiness, and is also a color that easily catches your attention first. Maybe a yellow sofa is not the best idea if you’re a serial napper but when you’re tired, you’ll nap regardless of the colour I’m sure 🙂

And oh! I almost forgot – warm colors also make you more hungry than cold colors, so maybe it’s good to avoid these colours if you’re on a diet.

Sofa with warm colors – The sofa has a Comfort Works slipcover

5. Cold colors

Blue, purple, green – these cold colors make rooms feel bigger with a relaxing and calming effect. For example, the blue color makes your respiration slower and bring down blood pressure. I’m sure this is very helpful for families with kids 😉 You have to be careful with the negative connotation of some cold colors however, as the dark tones are related with sadness. As such, we’d recommend light tones of cold colors, perhaps pastel.

Before and after of a living room with cold colors – Image from one of our customers

6. Neutral colors

Beige, white, black, grey – neutral colors are irrevocably the most common colors in all living rooms. I’m sure that the primary reason is due to its versatility to adapt to different styles of decor. For example with a light grey sofa, you just need to change the colors of your cushions and you will have a new living room.

To add a twist of life and excitement to your living space, we’d suggest mixing neutral colors with pops of more lively colors – like an accent pillow or flower pot.

Living Room with Neutral colors – The sofa has Comfort Works slipcovers

And those are our most important tips to choose the best color for your sofa, but you don’t need to choose just one color because with sofa covers you can change the appearance of your sofa whenever you want.

Simply swap out a slipcover and your sofa will look brand new. Check our sofa slipcover store out and discover all our fabrics – I’m sure you will love them.

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Until next time, happy designing!