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Manstad Sofa Bed Cover in Nomad Red with Contrast White piping

Hello all! How are you this Saturday? We are well into Spring in Melbourne, and as warmer days  have arrived you best believe that we have uncluttered our space;  neatly contain our chaos, send the dust bunnies packing, and made our homes sparkle. It’s almost hardwired into our DNA to start the season with a fresh, organised slate and then BAM! start bringing new ideas in our studio.

We all have those special lists we make. And if finances allowed, we’d easily drop cash on them all. However, what our practical and frugal side tells us, is that we should start with something small… BUT, with the biggest impact. With a budget in mind, here’s what we are getting for October.

Contrast piping on OUR Manstad Sofa! 

A bright red couch creates a bold visual impact by itself, yet the definition that the STARK white piping gives the piece is evident. I have serious love for this piece. The additional piping helps the couch to seem more grounded and definitely on the cutting edge of contemporary style.  We opted for the Basic-fit Manstad slipcover,  as it was much easier to take the covers off and chuck it into the wash.

If bold colors are too over the top for you, no worries; this look is equally strong in neutrals or basics. A white chair feels fresh and current outlined with black piping.


black piping on white manstad slipcover


Or you could go a complete 180 and swap the colours around. A sexy black sofa with white contrast piping. Piping on sofas, headboards and chairs proposes the perfect opportunity to sneak in yet another enticing shade.


white piping on black manstad slipcover

Source: via Jacy on Pinterest


You can also create an overall connection by finishing more than one piece in the same fashion. A couple of armchairs and footstool with the same upholstery and contrasting piping help the space to feel unified.

black piping on white manstad set


Simply, adding black piping to a white couch isn’t the only way to achieve this fun, dimensional look; try mixing and matching vibrant colours to give your space an entirely new, contemporary personality. Just trace the sofas lines and choose a slightly darker shade than the upholstery or match if key items in your living room.


mix and match piping manstad set


If you would like to add contrast piping to your custom slipcovers today, get in touch! We love to see what you’ve come up with.

Free sample fabrics available from

Happy designing!