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Goteborg Rouge Ash Grey

The IKEA Goteborg 3 seater is a wide and generously comfortable sofa with deep seating that was discontinued in the mid 2000s.

With the following dimensions of: 216 x 107 x 64 cm (Width x Depth x Height), this is one of those sofas that definitely has a strong frame perfect for re-slipcovering. Replacement slipcovers for the IKEA Goteborg Seater Sofa can be found here.

Our First Goteborg 3 Seater Sofa Cover

The Goteborg is a well-structured, sturdy and solid looking sofa which many of us in the Comfort Works team like, and it was sheer luck that we managed to make one for one of our customers some time around 2009. Needless to say after he received his first set – he loved it, as much as how you guys are going to love your very own set of Goteborg slipcovers.

Our Real-life Customer Slipcover Photos

Here are some other customers photos of the Goteborg sofa cover in action:

Goteborg 3 seater in Kino Ash
Goteborg 3 seater in Kino Ash
Goteborg 3 seater in Kino Brown
Goteborg 3 seater in Kino Brown
Goteborg Rouge Ash Grey
Goteborg 3 seater in Rouge Ash

See what you like? Check out the full collection of our IKEA Goteborg 3 Seater Slipcovers here.