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DIY Bathroom Makeover made easy - by IKEA

You know the saying—a place for everything, and everything in its place? Well, the bathroom can be a challenging space to organize and streamline, especially with its unique environmental issues of dampness and humidity. In a small bathroom, consistency and smart storage is key.

If a couple shares the bathroom, segment the space so each person has a place for his or her stuff. If a family shares the bathroom, make a container for each person, and label it with his or her name. His and hers storage caddies help make shared spaces stressfree.
Leave everyday essentials like hand soap, toothbrushes , moisturizers on the counter. Throw away cosmetics that have gone way past their expiry date and unused items. Get rid of bulk packaging and store them in easy-in and out jars/ bag/ baskets.
Stash special-occasion cosmetics in an out-of-the-way bag.) Drawer dividers further simplify the morning makeup search. You can collect containers in like colours or interesting shapes to keep you bits and pieces. Recycle pretty cups or containers that presents (or chocolates) come in to store your hair ties, lip glosses, cotton balls and war paint.
Otherwise, we’ve listed these wallet friendly must have items from IKEA to help divide and conquer your bathroom needs. The idea is to keep the look consistent and have accessories that help pull the look and feel you want together.
Bathroom Pictures: Apartment Therapy
Ikea Products: Ikea AU