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[Eco Tip] Re-cycling the Green Insides of your Computer

So here are the facts.

1. The average Australian household owns a computer or have access to one everyday.
An ABS study found that 64 per cent of Australian households had home internet access and 73 per cent had access to a home computer.

2. Australian are good Recyclers but depending on what they think should be recycled.
99% of Australian household participate in some form of recycling but are unaware of of recycling electronic equipment. ABS reported 23% of electronic equipment and 51% of household applianced were disposed in non-recycled garbage for kerbside collection in 2009.

3. Circuit boards are hazardous to the environment.
Printed circuit boards (the green flat plates in most electronics) are difficult waste materials to process, since they generally have no usefulness once they are removed from the electrical component in which they were installed. In addition, they typically consist of materials that classify them as a hazardous or “special” waste stream.

Now, Comfort Works have always been big on recycling. We have been ticking off boxes on the Green Office Guide provided by the Australian government. Moreover, a big part of our business revolves around supporting recycling items in your home, like your sofa and cushions. But when it came to saying goodbye to one of our desktops..we honestly didn’t know what to do with it.

So we clicked around and found some rather interesting ideas.

Circuit Board Shoes created by Steven Rodrig. I honestly don’t know if they are wearable though…

Created by Steven Rodrig

Nike Sneakers created by Gabriel Dishaw called Junk ART. Check out her collection here.

Created by Gabriel Dishaw

Christoph Koch’s necklace of recycled circuit boards, sterling silver, magnets. Very modern Cleopatra-esq, no?

Created by Christoph Koch.

This is bound to look great on any geeks desk. Really, Henry would love one. Buy him one here.

Funky recycled circuit board clipboard by Etsy sller.

Created by Debby Arem Designs

OKAY now this I would give out as a gift. This store has got circuit board business card holders, organizers, coasters and more.

And for fashionistas out there, check out this dress and handbag created by Fabio Renaldo for the Eco Chic fashion show in Indonesia.

Created by Fabio Renaldo

Here’s hoping you go digging into your trash and come out with something equally inspiring. For those of you without a creative bone, check out, when you have ewaste to dispose off.