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Green sofas - Monstrosity or Avant Garde?

Colourful sofas are on a rise in popularity and we are completely here for it! Although when you are thinking about the “perfect” colour scheme for your living room, few people would automatically jump to the idea of a green sofa. Let me be the one to change your mind because let’s face it, it’s difficult not smile when you walk into a room that has a bold pop of colour.

As someone who mostly dresses in black, I understand that colour is not for everyone and can be very intimidating. What may surprise you is that a green sofa can be very versatile!

It’s the perfect colour to pair with natural sunlight

IKEA Karlstad in Comfort Works Velvet Emerald Slipcover with Tufting

Place your jewel-toned green sofa in a bright seating area lit by big glass doors, bringing some of the outside indoors.

The green fabric of the sofa keeps with the earthy colour scheme. The colour complemented with the light makes the room look spacious, bright and can be paired with some green plants to bring out the colour of nature more.

IKEA Klippan in Comfort Works Velvet Emerald Slipcover with Tufting and paired with our Bailey Wooden Sofa Legs

Play around with different fun colours

IKEA Stocksund Armchair in Comfort Works Claw-Proof Velvet Green Slipcover

If you want to be a little more daring with your interior decor, throw in some other bold colours. Green looks beautiful with complementary colours such as, deep blushes, pinks, reds and yellows.

It makes the room fun, bold and cheerful, exactly what you want in a living space. It looks casual and luxurious all at the same, truly victorian-chic.

IKEA Kivik Chaise in Comfort Works Nomad Green and Nomad Red Slipcovers

Stand out against a neutral toned room

Muji Wide Arm 2.5 Seater in Comfort Works Kino Willow Slipcover paired with our Walker Wooden Replacement Legs

If you are trying to stay clear from the bohemian-chic trend and are interested in a more traditional look that’s not a problem too!

Try pairing the bright green sofa with a few mid-century pieces. Keeping everything neutral in the space allows the green to ‘pop’. I find that wood goes well with green and helps prevent the green from being too overpowering.

IKEA Karlstad in Comfort Works Velvet Emerald Slipcover

The grass isn’t always greener

Although green can be a fun way to bring to life into your living space, it’s also quite easy to miss the mark. There are a few things you should definitely avoid:

1. Neon green sofas

For one stay clear away from neon green, it always ends up looking like the run off from a toxic waste dump. The bright neon is overpowering against the stark white and black in the room, which makes it somewhat of an eye sore.

Actually you know what, this would never work in any home.

2.Green Patterned sofas

Also unless your intentions are to decorate your house as if it were from the 70’s don’t pick out that grandma patterned sofa (no offense I still love your cooking!).

While it isn’t as bad as the neon green, this isn’t exactly in style anymore and will only end up ageing your home.

3. Green and Purple

Now when I said blend your green sofa with subtle colours, in no way did I mean only use green and purple to decorate your entire room! With so many matching colours the room looks way smaller and not very welcoming.

Shade also matters and we used to have a velvet Olive Green similar to the image below – needless to say, it was replaced by the much prettier and contemporary velvet Emerald as showcased in the images at the top of the blogpost.

Verdict: Be bold, not bolder

Green pairs just as beautifully with simple neutrals, as it does cheery yellows and pretty pinks. Bold greens to be exact, and not dull or earthy greens.

Complete your living space look with plants and art decor pieces that have green accents to tie the look together. If you’re bored of your current living space and want a piece of furniture that will completely transform your space, you should definitely look into getting yourself a beautiful statement sofa!

Alternatively, you can remodel the look of your old sofa by dressing it up with a slipcover, which by the way doesn’t have to be green – but it would look good (promise!).

To learn more about how you can remake your sofa with custom tailored slipcovers, pay us a visit below: