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Guide to ordering Comfort Works Karlstad Armchair Slipcover| Armchair Differences

Did you know that IKEA made two versions of Karlstad armchairs?

They called them by the same name: Karlstad Armchair and Karlstad Armchair, Small. How handy.

If you are looking for slipcovers for this model, here’s a useful road map to tell the differences:



Karlstad Armchair

This is the Karlstad Armchair. It’s the normal one. Overall this armchair is wide set, with a removable back cushion and a removable seat cushion. If you were looking for custom slipcovers for the Karlstad slipcovers, head over to Comfort Works.

Karlstad Armchair, Small

This is the Karlstad Armchair, Small. Like its name, its the skinnier version of the Karlstad armchair. The major difference is that it does not have a removable back cushion.  Slipcovers for the Karlstad Armchair, Small are also available from Comfort Works. Long skirt , loose fit versions are also available, just drop us an email with your design ideas 😉

To get started, why don’t you order some free fabric samples ? Happy designing!