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Manstad Snug Fit Modena White

IKEA Manstad or IKEA Fagelbo?

Do you own a Manstad or Fagelbo? They look extremely similar but here is a quick guide to their differences.

1) The Manstad has 3 back cushions while the Fagelbo has 5 back cushions.

2) The storage compartment for the Manstad opens front wards, while the Fagelbo opens sideways.

3) The Manstad have wider arms while the Fagelbo have skinner arms.

Once you have determined your model, scroll for more info below.

Fagelbo Owners

Have a Fagelbo*? Check out and get your IKEA Fagelbo sofa covers here.

Fun Fact: The IKEA Fagelbo was the very first version of the storage + sofabed first introduced in the early 2000s and replaced by the IKEA Manstad sofa bed in 2006.

Click here to download the IKEA Fagelbo Instruction Manual

*P.S. Kindly note that the Manstad slipcovers will NOT fit the Fagelbo sofa.

Manstad Owners

Do you know which year your Manstad was bought in? Models bought before/ during 2007 differ from models bought during/ after 2008. As a quick guide:

1) Manstad models bought before 2008 have a fixed bracket and hinge located on the chaise arm and back (shown below). Models bought after 2008, do not.

2) Manstad models bought before 2008, have no velcro attachments for the bottom fabric piece of the chaise lounge unit (shown below)- this piece is not removable. Models bought after 2008 however, have velcro attachments and therefore this piece is removable.

Although our Manstad slipcovers fits both early and late models- there will be slight DIY required on your part for the pre-2008 version. A staple gun would be recommended for stapling the velcro, but hot glue is also an option.

Choose your style

Comfort Works Manstad slipcovers come in 3 different styles.

Manstad Basic Loose and Snug Fit

The Basic Fit is exactly as it is named, with only 2 main frame pieces and 3 back cushions – this is as affordable as the IKEA Manstad sofa cover gets. Having said that, the chaise requires you to take off about 50% of the cover to actually access it.

The Loose Fit is more practical as the chaise storage has its own individual cover, making it effortless to access it. By default, the Loose Fit also comes with pleats but if it’s not what you like — just let us know 🙂

The Snug Fit would be the most challenging of the lot but it is indeed the best looking as every single piece of the Manstad has its own cover.

As such, we got our friends to help us make an instructional video for putting on covers for the Manstad Snug Fit:

Alternatively, if you prefer to read the instructions from IKEA on how to assemble/disassemble your Manstad Sofa bed, here they are for you to click and download:

Click here to download IKEA Manstad (before 2008) Instruction Manual

Click here to download IKEA Manstad (AFTER 2008) Instruction Manual

To get your IKEA Manstad sofa covers or IKEA Fagelbo sofa covers, click on the respective links below to checkout the product pages:

IKEA Manstad Sofa covers

IKEA Fagelbo sofa covers

Or if you’re not in a rush, order free swatches here.

For more pictures of our Manstad Sofa slipcovers, click here.