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[How to] Install Curtains | Comfort Works

Installing curtains can be an exercise in patience but the results can open the window to a whole new room. With the number of hanging hardware options available for window treatments today, installation has become easier if you take the proper steps.
Measuring is the key ingredient to curtain hanging success. Nothing is more frustrating than having everything in place and then stepping back to admire your work to find that the left side is noticeably higher than the right! Oh no! What went wrong?
Make it easier on yourself by using a metal measuring tape and use a step ladder if necessary. Okay, tape in hand and feet steady on the ladder, start by measuring the length of the window. You will need to measure from the top of the window frame to the sill for café style curtains and to the floor for full-length drapes. Add 3 to 6 inches to the height for the curtain header.
Now measure the width of the window from up to 4” outside the frame for full coverage. To get the correct curtain width, multiply the width of the window by 1-1/2 to 2. This will ensure fullness in your curtains. For example, if your window measures 60” wide, you will want to purchase curtains that are 90 to 120” wide. This measurement is for a pair of panels.
For a much fuller look, you can place two panels on each side, which can make a great decorating statement. Take the interior panels and drape them over the exterior panels, placing them in decorative curtain tie-backs mounted to the wall.
Are you faced with a small window and want to make it appear larger? It’s easy with curtains. Simply place the curtain rod higher above the top window frame and use floor-length drapes. For a neat appearance, the curtain bottoms should come to just above the floor. If you want a more dramatic effect, purchase or make curtains approximately 6 inches longer to puddle on the floor.
Now that all the measuring is out of the way, you can start placing the hardware. Now, come on…don’t groan. It’s not that difficult. Most hardware comes with the appropriate screws or fasteners, so installing it should not be too troublesome.
For heavier curtains, you may want to try to find the wall studs for a sturdier support. If the location of the wall studs is not convenient to where your curtains will be installed, be sure to use anchor screws. Mark the spot—that you’ve carefully measured—where you intend to hang the curtain rod with a pencil. Drill a hole the same size of the anchor screw and then insert the anchor fully into the hole, making it flush with the wall. The anchor should fit snugly into the hole.
Now insert the screw into the anchor. Ideally, you want the screw to be the same length of the anchor and a bit larger in size, as the anchor will expand. This will ensure that your curtain rods are securely in place and you can hang heavier fabrics.
To measure properly for tiebacks, the ideal position is aligned with the outside of the panel at approximately ¾ the length of the window. Now comes the easy part. Slide the curtains onto the rod and place in the rod brackets. Voila! You have a dressed window. Now stand back and admire your work!
When you are ready to move on to the next window, just remember to measure precisely, mark where you intend to drill and use anchors for heavier window treatments. The finished product will enliven your space and bring a whole new look to your room.
Now you can coordinate throw pillows with your curtain fabric to draw the room together for a finished look. You can also embellish your window treatments with decorative trim. You don’t even have to use traditional curtain rods. Try something different with tab-top panels. Hang them from decorative cabinet hardware, old doorknobs or decorative cording. The window of decorating opportunity is now wide open!
If you have any further questions feel free to email Comfort Works for more DIY tips. Comfort Works produces made-to-measure curtains. You can view our fabric collection here.
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