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Get your living room cosy for fall and winter

As the days start getting shorter and the leaves start to turn, it might be the right time for your living room to follow suite.

Following up our previous post on Spring & Summer living rooms, we’re going full circle on this one by sharing some inspirational living room ideas for Autumn & Winter!

For those living above the equator, this is when the weather starts to turn colder, so get ready to cozy up your living room with some warmer elements.


Anyone would agree that the season of changing leaves is filled with a light and mellow atmosphere. To go with the mood, you’ll want to match it with the right decor elements.

That means using earthy elements and colors wherever possible. Reds here, brows there and a touch of gold to capture the beautiful autumn sunlight.

Just make sure not to go overboard and turn your space into a living orange 🙂


As the living rooms’ number one point of interest, a fresh look for the couch is sure to turn the most heads. If your living room is lacking in the goodness of reddy-orange natural sunlight, here’s your chance to make up for it.

Bringing in different tones of earthy orange or brown slipcovers will instantly warm up your living space and set the tone for the autumn atmosphere.
autumn living room

On the other hand, if your living room is already over-saturated in these warm colors, choosing a more neutral and toned-down option is your best bet.

Linen slipcovers aren’t just for spring. Magdanela from Germany proves that with a stunning autumn themed interior!


Chances are that most of us aren’t rocking living rooms that are on the ends of the “is this too red and orange for autumn?” scale.

The next biggest change we can make is to choose the right rug to add to the autumn-ness of the living room. We can also see how this simple change can give a plain living room an instant jolt of flavour, warming up the space with more definition and character. autumn rug


Adding little extras to the living room is the easiest and impermanent way to switch things up for the season. Like this unique aqua/orange decor for Autumn. Switch greeneries to changing leaves or dried wood to achieve an earthier look. changing leaves

Need more ideas? See what you can do with a couple of pinecones, mini pumpkins and even changing leaves – it’s pretty amazing how versatile these mason jars are!

TIP: Seasonal elements can be gathered right outside your home at no cost at all and they bring the outdoors into your living room.Mason-Jars-Autumn


As the coldest season of the year, dressing your living room up for this season will be just as functional as it is decorative. Good news is there’s no shortage of ways to bring the feeling of winter into the home.

In fact, there’s already a decor style that’s practically invented for the cold-dreary wintery feel called Scandinavian decor. So get ready to bring out the thick winter rugs, throw blankets and chop some wood for the fireplace!


Fun fact: whites and beiges are some of the most popular colors in Scandi decor precisely because the Nordic countries don’t get much sunlight year round. As we all know, lighter colors are better at capturing and reflecting the limited sunlight to give a lighter and livelier feel to the living room.

In picking your winter living room get-up, use a white, off-white, or beige slipcover to re-create a wintery sunday afternoon. The grey knitted footstool in this picture also adds the cozy factor a cozy feeling to the room.Kivik in Liege Eggshell


Another quick and easy way to capture the season’s greetings is to dress up your throw pillows as well. Red and Christmas themed pillow cushions will add that dash of colour where needed to an otherwise pale wintery living room.

cushion covers1


On the topic of diy-ing your own seasonal ornaments, we’ve stumbled upon these spruce and berries mason jars that are easy and cheap to make as a weekend project. Check out the tutorial for this inexpensive DIY Christmas decor here.

winter mason jar

Blankets and pillows

Another essential element  in Scandi decor is to include plenty of “warm” elements to the living room. Considering getting some throw blankets, fleeces and extra pillows for some added warmth.

Not to mention, these objects are also the perfect tool for some texture layering (for the avant-garde designer within you) and are wonderful to snuggle up on in the cold weather.

It’s important not to overdo the decorations for each season. Instead of a full living room update every few months, try to find a collection of easily changeable decor pieces to fit your living room. Whenever the season changes from there on, simply switch the items out for the next set!

Let us know what you think and share with us your inspirational ideas as well! Till then, happy designing folks 🙂

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