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Is Your Old Sofa Worth Saving? Here's How to Tell

Are you thinking about throwing out your old sofa, thinking it’s not worth saving?

You may want to take a step back to figure out if it’s really got to go for a couple of reasons. For one, you’ll be sending more waste to your local dumpster.

And two: It’ll take a sizable chunk out of your bank account to get a new sofa.

Three: You may have had your sofa for ages, love it and have plenty of memories attached to it.

Before you make any drastic decisions, here’s how to tell if your sofa’s got to go….or stay:

1. It’s badly stained

Perhaps your sofa has a collection of stains that you just can’t seem to get rid of.

Or maybe you’ve had pets who’ve shredded your armrests to unrecognizable bits.

Whatever the reason, your sofa now has a collection of stains on it that likely won’t go away.

Our verdict: Save it.

The fix: Give it a brand-new look with a removable, machine-washable sofa slipcover.

2. It’s torn or scratched

old sofa

So your sofa is now sporting a huge hole, or several.

You may even see the stuffing break free of the exterior through the scratches.

Your sofa tried to stand up for itself. Alas, there are few things on earth that can withstand the destructive forces of toddlers or over-energetic pets.

To decide if it’s worth saving, check if the damage to your upholstery is superficial or deep.

Our verdict: Save it.

The fix: If the damage is superficial, simply cut away the torn bits that are standing out with a pair of fine scissors. You can then patch up the damaged-looking parts with matching fabric.

Alternatively, you can give it a new exterior with a sofa slipcover.

If the damage is deeper, you’ll want to consider taking it to an upholsterer for repairs.

3. It’s lost its ‘spring’

Your sit on your and feel like it’s trying to swallow you whole.

It’s pretty much lost that springy feeling.

The good news is, you’ve made full use of your sofa. The bad news is, it could use some TLC.

Our verdict: It depends.

The fix: Consider opting to have your sofa springs replaced or repaired, cushions restuffed and exterior reupholstered (which will cost a pretty penny) by an upholsterer, or buying a new one if you’re not willing to spend a lot on saving your old, damaged sofa.

4. It’s got termite damage

If the wooden frame of sofa your sofa has been exposed to termites, the first step you need to take will be call pest control (if you haven’t already).

Our verdict: It depends.

The fix: Depending on the level of damage to the wood, you may be better off with a new sofa so the termite infestation doesn’t affect the rest of your home.

Once the termites have been taken care of,  you may want to repair the couch frame with good wood glue and give it several coats of paint if it’s exposed for a look that’s almost as good as new.

5. It just looks…blah

old sofa

Your old sofa is still perfectly useable.

It just looks like it belongs in the 1950s, because that’s exactly how long it has been in your home.

No offense to grandma, but you are just not quite digging her style.

Our verdict: Save it.

The fix: You can always give it a completely new look that you’ll love, with a customizable sofa slipcover. 

Thinking of giving your old sofa a makeover? Start with a sofa slipcover that’ll make giving it a new lease on life super easy. Take our slipcover fabric samples for a test run here: