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brown sofa

As a colour, brown isn’t the most attractive of them all (sorry brown!), yet sometimes life just throws you…a brown sofa. 

This doesn’t mean that your sofa or living room has to be boring or basic because of its colour.

It can, in fact, be used to create a gorgeous look, which is why we’ve come up these 7 easy ways to transform your space from blah to beautiful, featuring: Your brown sofa.

1) Add throw pillows and cushions

brown sofa
Image: Pexels

Not a fan of the ‘brownness’ of your sofa and how it’s the first thing you notice?

Take the attention away from it with bold, colourful throw pillows and cushions that serve as a focal point in your space.

We’re talking contrasting shades like white, red, magenta or even patterned pillows and cushions that’ll add more depth and pops of colour to your sofa.

Brownie points for more cushions: They’ll make your sofa more inviting and cozy to chill on.

2) Spruce up your room with colourful chairs

brown sofa
Image: Pexels

To divert attention away from your brown sofa even further, consider adding a boldly-coloured chair or two and place it strategically near your sofa.

This way, the chairs become another eye-catching focal point in your room. Chairs that with wooden or rattan frames can tie the whole look of your room together.

3)  Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Image: Pexels

In the spirit of distraction, you can also have fun with decor items that serve as conversational topics.

Consider adding fun, colourful coffee table books, flower vases (with flowers in them, of course), wall art and wooden photo frames to the room.

Once you’ve decorated to your heart’s content, you and your guests will barely even notice your brown sofa in the room.

4) Add brown accents to your room

brown sofa
Image: Pexels

This one may sound counterintuitive, but trust us, it’s not.

In fact, adding more touches of brown to your space can do wonders in tying the whole look together beautifully, since these brown accents  complement your sofa rather than work against it.

You don’t have to stick to the same brown as your sofa’s — think rattan and wood tables, storage baskets and book shelves to start with.

Complete the look by adding plants into the decor mix, and you’ll have a nature-inspired space to relax in.

5) Go light to make your sofa the star

If you’re open to embracing the brown instead of hiding it, have fun with white wallpapers, wheat-coloured rugs, cream shelves – you get the idea.

The trick to making this work is to stick to three key colours, one of them being your sofa’s brown and making sure that the other two complement it.

This option works especially well when you’re working with a small space.

6) Invite Mother Nature inside

If you’re a nature lover, you may want to consider making it the dominant theme of your space, making your brown sofa a perfect shoe-in for it.

However, while shopping for wooden, rattan or even bamboo pieces, you’d want to proceed with caution — be sure to buy with the intention of having a wider representation of brown shades in your space rather than adding more of the same exact shade to it. 

This will ensure that the pieces will create an interesting yet cohesive look, rather than one that’s monotonous. 

7) Change how it looks with a sofa slipcover

Can’t stand the look of your brown sofa no matter how hard you try?

There, there. The good news is, you can get rid of the brown without getting rid of your sofa altogether (not sure if you should keep it? Here’s how to tell)with a sofa slipcover that fits over it.  

And because it’s removable, you can throw it in the wash easily and have fun with different colours, fabrics and custom styles at a fraction of the cost of an expensive upholstering job. 

To find the right fabric and colour, have our sofa slipcover fabric samples delivered to you here: