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Wooden Armrest Tray

A wooden armrest tray is that thing you never knew you needed until you get one – from your favourite custom slipcover maker Comfort Works! Behold! _MG_0881 copy It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store. Stained wood with a vinyl-like finish, that you can roll up or fold once you’re done with it AND it’s good for the environment too! Never again will you have to balance your coffee and bagel precariously on the arm of your sofa, risking stains and spillage.

Ebony and Woody

We’ve just launched these in two colours, natural wood and black. Size is about: 51.5 x 40 cm. That’s  20.25 x 15.75 inches for Imperial readers. Here’s some inspiration for what you can do!

Easy storage or replacement cricket wicket - you decide!
Easy storage or replacement cricket wicket – you decide!

And if you win the match it burns down into a satisfying trophy! True* story, that’s how the Ashes got started.

(*Not really)

Prop up a laptop!
Prop up a laptop!

If you mainly use a laptop on a tray, does it become a traytop? I guess I’ll let you know in a bit. Results inconclusive, laptop too distracting. Good news is, I can report that the internet is full of amazingly funny cat videos. Did you know that most female cats are right-pawed while male cats are left-pawed?

Doubles as a coaster in a pinch
Doubles as a coaster in a pinch

Although if you’re resting a hot pot on your sofa arm I think you have bigger issues to worry about. Like that hot pot. On your sofa arm. That’s not where hot pots go. Trust me. I’m an expert on sofas. And arms. Lots of hands-on experience.

Cuppa tea and a biscuit
Cuppa tea and a biscuit

Well it really wouldn’t be right to end things without a cuppa tea and a biscuit. So there you go! Fun things to do with YOUR wooden armrest tray. Buy one now!

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with – let us know with a pic 🙂