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Our Top Picks: The Best Fabrics For Keeping Your Home Fresh All Spring Long

Congratulations, you’ve made it through winter!

With all the time you’ve spent cooped up at home waiting for winter to break, the time has finally come to put away your Eskimo-approved blankets, winter wear and hibernation-worthy fabrics so you can swap them out for spring colours, lighter textures and fabrics that’ll keep you cool.

While everyone’s using this warmer weather as the perfect spring board (pun fully intended) to update their wardrobe, we think it’s also the right time to give your living space a fresh new look.

But before you begin putting your spring palette together, it’s worth thinking about the type of fabrics that’ll work best during the warmer months ahead. 

A great starting point for your spring decor makeover: Your sofa, which also happens to be the centerpiece of your home. 

To get the ball rolling for you, we’ve put together a list of tried-and-tested fabrics that are guaranteed to look and feel amazing on your sofa all through spring:


Why pure linen: Pure, natural linen is legendary for its durability, thanks to the strength of the flax plant’s fibers. 

We also love that it has a built-in resistance to bacterial and fungal growth, making it easier to keep smelling and feeling fresh, especially when the weather starts heating up. 

These perks, when paired with linen’s casually elegant looks, as well as its cool and smooth feel on skin, makes it the ultimate spring fabric for your sofa

Sure, pure linen might be pricier than most other fabric options, but considering the benefits that extend way beyond its gorgeous looks, it’s well worth the investment.


Why a linen blend: Love the look and feel of linen minus the wrinkles and heftier price tag?

We do too.

A linen-polyester blend might just be what you’re looking for, since polyester gives the fabric fibres added elasticity that allow them to ‘bounce’ back after being bent. 

Another plus that comes with a linen blend like this: You’ll typically have more colours to choose from, since this combination of fibres tend to hold on to dye a lot better than pure linen fibres do.


Why cotton: Cotton takes top spot for being the most breathable fabric around, which is why it’s made it to our shortlist. 

It effectively wicks heat and moisture away from your skin to leave you cool and dry, making it one of the most comfortable fabrics to have on your sofa in the spring and summer seasons. 

And because it has naturally-occurring hypoallergenic elements, those with sensitive skin will find cotton to be a dream to relax on. 

There are plenty of cotton fabrics to choose from, but our top cotton picks are premium cotton, which have longer fibres so they feel super soft and lustrous, and cotton canvas, which tends to be more densely-woven for durability in higher butt-traffic environments.


Why polyester: When it comes to standing up to daily use and sun exposure, polyester wins hands down. 

Its fibres tend to be less prone to fading and staining compared to natural ones like linen and cotton, making it the perfect choice for busy homes with kids and pets, or where plenty of entertaining happens

Upholsterers love polyester for its strength as well as innate resistance to fungal growth, water and shrinking, but its use doesn’t have to be restricted to upholstery.

These plusses make polyester an amazing fabric choice for removable, machine-washable sofa slipcovers as well.  

Now that you’ve got the low-down on which fabrics will work best with your sofa and potentially, the rest of your space, which will you pick?

Need a little help deciding? Have samples of our slipcover fabrics sent to your doorstep here: