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Replacement sofa slipcovers for IKEA Leather Kramfors series

As you know, we have been recovering the IKEA leather Kramfors with fabric covers. This helps those wanting to update their living spaces with our fabulous machine washable slipcovers.

But then we thought.. what about those who just wanted their leather Kramfors to stay exactly the way they bought it? We did our research via our newsletters, and boy, did the emails pour in. There were hundreds of request to fix that tear on the chocolate brown leather Kramfors seat! It is such a beautiful piece and I for one understood why Kramfors owners worldwide would want their leather sofas to be more “permanent”.

So after a long and hard search to find the perfect match for the Frasig Kramfors leather series, we had come up with Urbanskin range.

IKEA Leather Replacement – Urbanskin Kramfors unveiled

More specifically named, our Urbanskin Kramfors brown looks and feel the same as the leather used for the Kramfors Frasig series, at the very least we promise it is 90-95% identical to the color of the original glossy leather Kramfors 🙂

Special thanks to Lucy for sharing your home and thoughts and working with us to get the perfect fit!

Oh, for those in Europe, it’s good to note that there are 2 different versions of the Kramfors leather series; the Frasig and Marig. The Frasigs are those from the early years of production whereby the leather used are glossy embossed.

The Marigs on the other hand are the newer batch where Matte leathers are being used (below). If you’re looking to replace the seat cushion covers only, our Modena Black might be a good match but it’s always recommended to

These leathers are essentially split leather with protective coatings on the surface, more commonly known as bycast leather. Some IKEA sofas are also upholstered with bycast leather and you can get the

This should work for many of the IKEA leather sofa variants, namely the IKEA Leather Karlstad, Kivik, Klippan, Stockholm, Vimle, Vallentuna, Landskrona, Timsfors.

IKEA Leather sofa owners out there will be happy to know that Comfort Works is now producing covers for the 3 seaters and the 2 seater sofas, the 2 seater with right or let armrest, as well as the left and right chaise lounge, the footstool and the corner piece. That’s right folks. Our Kramfors cover series is completed.

Some of the other models mentioned above are also slipcoverable, but the skirted, fabric slipcover is the recommended option as:
1) Leather IKEA sofas don’t come with slipcovers to begin with, so its construction is different from typical fabric versions and will not allow for slipcovers (unless you hack it)
2) It’s rare that we put leather slipcovers on a leather slipcover simply because it is difficult to put over; However once you manage to get the covers on you almost never have to take it off

These IKEA sofas include Klippan, Karlstad, Kivik, Klippan, Stockholm, Vimle and Landskrona.

Check out how a fabric slipcover looks like on a leather sofa here.

Full review (by make+haus)on the Kramfors Fabric cover on the IKEA Leather Kramfors here.

Till next time, happy designing!