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Steal This Look: Farmhouse Living Room Inspirations

Rustic. Shabby chic. Barnhouse loving — all these make up the timeless trend that is the farmhouse living room decor.

The living room is the most popular because it’s the largest one in the house and a place where the entire family gets together to spend the day. 

Need some inspiration to get those creative juices flowing? We scoured the web for gorgeous-looking farmhouse living room ideas to steal, and found plenty. 

Here are our favourites:

1. Farmhouse Living With A Nautical Touch

The noticeable theme in typical farmhouse living rooms is neutral colours.

Think beige, white, browns, and blues. This living room looks pretty cosy with its white fittings and little nautical hints, like the paddle affixed above the fireplace. 

2. Vintage Touches

Rustic furniture in its original finish is the preferred style for a farmhouse style living room.

Embrace the rustic-ness of certain key pieces in your living room, just like how Andrea of @fleur_at_home did with hers.

Try rummaging through thrift stores and antique shops for vintage pieces like this gorgeous mirror. 

3. It’s All About The Cosy Factor

There’s a reason why the living room is the most popular spot in a farmhouse — it’s easily the cosiest spot with a warm fireplace, family catching up, and people cosying up with their pets.

Make sure you keep your farmhouse living room cosy with plenty of throw pillows and blankets like this one.

4. Farmhouse In A Modern Setting

Don’t live in the countryside? No problem.

You can make your farmhouse-inspired vision a reality with your city home.

All you need are the right touches to recreate that farmhouse living room. Take a cue from Stacy of @farmhousetofrills and her amazing farmhouse decor tips.

5. From The Kitchen To The Living Room

Does your home’s layout feature a seamless kitchen to living room experience? Even if it is, that shouldn’t be a hindrance in you getting your perfect farmhouse living room look. 

Just take a look at Ashley’s gorgeous home, where she transforms the pristine white subway-tiled kitchen and makes it go perfectly with a classically rustic-looking living room.

We love how she added bold monochromatic accents to the area with the printed throw pillows and ottoman.

6. A Warm, Coastal Farmhouse

The perfect farmhouse setting is filled with sunlight and warmth.

The farmhouse style doesn’t need to stop at just the countryside — if you have a coastal home, you can pull it off too, just like @paintedbrickstudio did.

We love how classy the white-framed windows look, and couch facing the fireplace sure looks like a cosy spot to be in during the harsh nights of winter. 

7. Don’t Forget The Little Details

It’s not just your feature pieces of furniture and fittings that make the farmhouse look work.

It’s all about the little things too, so don’t forget to turn your attention to the tiny, but impactful decorative items that also give your living room the farmhouse touch

Take cue from Kari of @cottonstemdesignco, who accessorised a bare wall with rustic finds, complemented with candles in a jar and an extremely cute calligraphy-printed lamp shade.

These may not look like much alone, but putting them together really pulls together that farmhouse look.

8. Add Quirky Pieces

Things don’t always have to make sense when it comes to decorating with a farmhouse look in mind.

For example, a chandelier doesn’t always need to be made of crystal or glass, as @theroominghouse proves. 

This beautiful house with a predominantly white palette simply oozes charm, and we feel that the iron chandelier with wooden beads adds that little bit of quirkiness to the overall look and feel of the place. 

9. Convert An Unused Nook

Do you have a nook in your living room area that feels like dead space?

Dress it up like This Old Hudson and turn it into a cosy reading nook — farmhouse style. This way, you get your little haven of privacy even though you’re still chilling in the shared living room area.

Just add more throw pillows and a blanket with whitewashed wood furniture for that extra touch of cosy. 

10. Farmhouse Can Be Girly Too

While neutral colours tend to rule in farmhouse spaces, there’s plenty if room to play with more assertive colours like pink and peach.

By keeping the overall colour palette a light neutral, Tatiana Fader of @urbanoak_designco manages to inject her unique brand of femininity into it with pastel decorative items, flowers and shiny metallics. 

Are you completely in love with these farmhouse living room designs? We are too!

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