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10 Struggles At Home That Only Pet Owners Will Understand

It all starts with those melt-your-heart eyes (or catty indifference, depending on your pet of choice).

Followed by the tilt-to-the-side adorableness.

Or maybe it’s a wide-eyed look of pure innocence.

Then comes the final stake in the heart—the pleading whimper that magically convinces your hardened heart to go “yes” when you really meant to say “NO. FREAKING. WAY”.

Oh yes. If you have a pet at home who’s secretly the boss of you, you’ll agree that trying to have a living space that’s consistently clean is an uphill battle, especially when it comes to keeping it fur-, pee-, poop-, puke- and drool-free.

If this is you, we know you’ll agree with us when we say the struggles we’ve listed below are all too real:

1. Pet hair is literally EVERYWHERE. 

The struggles at home only pet owners will understand

Image: The Creative Exchange/Unsplash

There’s fur on your sofa, under the sofa, on the carpet, in your car, all over your pants, on your food and in your shoes. Heck, you even found some in your ears.

2. If it fits, they’ll sits. 

If it fits, I sits.

Image: Alexander Stramma

If they can fit into a prime, comfy spot (or even if they can’t), they’ll find a way to do it. And that’s usually when you’re not looking.

3. Shoes that lay around unprotected won’t stay wearable for long.

Shoes your dog is about to chew on.

Image: David Lezcano/Unsplash

As long as your favourite pair of kickers are in plain sight and you’re not wearing them, it’ll always be their favourite chew toy. Ever.

4. …even when you manage to find your mysteriously vanishing socks.

Struggles at home only pet owners will understand

Image: Jisu Han/Unsplash

It suddenly dawns on you that you’re doomed to wear mismatched socks for a very long time to come.

5. When you walk into a room and can smell a nasty surprise waiting for you…

the struggles at home only pet owners will understand

Image: Daniel Wiadro/Unsplash

Is it the trash that you forgot to take out? Milk that you forgot to put back into the fridge last night? NOPE. And you know that it isn’t because you’ve got your foot toe-deep in a pile of poop 10 minutes later.

6. Plopping down on the sofa after a long day, only to realize you just sat on a fresh (and still warm) blob of vomit.

The struggles at home only pet owners will understand

Image: Daniel Wiadro/Unsplash

Oh. You forgot that Rover has a habit of puking out his dinner whenever you forget to give him a kiss and belly rub before you head off to work. Sigh.

7. That sinking feeling when you realize that the scratch post (aka your sofa) isn’t going to hold up much longer.

When your sofa's a scratch post

Image: Justin Jovellanos

And you’re dreading getting a new one because…claws.

8. It’s almost impossible to enforce the ‘no pets on the sofa’ rule.

It's almost impossible to enforce the 'no pets on the sofa' rule.

Photo by Mia Phoy/Unsplash

Those eyes…

9. Even when you’re mad at them, you fail miserably at being an effective pet parent.

The struggles at home only pet owners will understand

Image: Heather Miller/Unsplash

Did we mention those eyes?

10. When you bring home a new armchair and watch helplessly as your cat gleefuly gets ready to mark its new-found territory.

Is that your armchair or your cat's?

Photo: Tucker Good/Unsplash

Guess who’s sitting on the floor for movie night tonight despite the new chair?

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