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The Best Hidden Cat Litter Boxes of 2019

Cats rule the world, and probably your house too. They deserve the best, and this includes litter boxes.

Making sure that your cat has a proper place for private business is important. After all, they are creature of habits who prefer routine.

However, you also want a cat litter box that is inconspicuous. Preferably, it won’t be an eyesore or be too noticeable to house guests.

That’s when you get a hidden cat litter box. With hidden cat litter boxes, no one will have to know their true purpose. 

Not sure which hidden cat litter box to get?

Here’s a list of the best 5 hidden cat litter boxes you can consider for the home in 2019:

The Refined Feline’s Refined Cat Litter Box

The Best Hidden Cat Litter Boxes of 2019
Image credit: The Refined Feline

Feeling a little classy? Get the Refined Cat Litter Box from The Refined Feline, a lovely cabinet that has a rich oak veneer.

It hides litter trays from view, and the reversible walls allow for left or right entry – whichever your cat fancies.

Have no fear of odours emanating from the cabinet either – the rear slots allow for ventilation. You can also fit carbon odour filters if needed.

While kitty have full run of the cabinet, you can decorate the top with books, flowers, or paintings. This makes  the litter box seem like a perfectly natural cabinet right in your living room.

Do note that the wood litter catch, litter tray, and odour absorbing carbon sheets are sold separately.

New Cat Condos’ Premier Litter Box Enclosure

Your cat will love the Premier Litter Box Enclosure from New Cat Condos. After going potty inside the enclosure, the entire enclosure can also serve as a luxurious cat bed or perch.

The exterior has plenty of carpet covering, giving kitty a soft place to rest on. There is also a removable lid for easy clean up.

Keep kitty’s waste and odours out of sight and smell, and also keep kitty happy at the same time.

What else can we ask for?

The Good Pet Stuff Company’s Hidden Litter

Add a little green to your home with the Hidden Litter by The Good Pet Stuff Company.

Perfect for any corner in your living room, your cat(s) can go potty by entering through the small window available on the vase’s exterior.

You can also hide the window by turning the vase around to face the corner when your cat does not need to use the litter box.

Add nature to your home, and have your cat answer the call of nature with it.

No one will ever need to know that your pretty plant also has double duty, too!

Merry Pet’s Merry Pet Cat Washroom

Here’s another cabinet by Merry Pet that serves as a hidden litter box cover, which will help you hide all litter messes.

You can put it in the guest washroom, and your guests wouldn’t even realise that inside this box-like furniture is a litter box for your kitty (unless they get curious and start opening doors they shouldn’t).

It also has a removable partition wall which creates additional space to store litter, scoop, and other cat-related products as well.

This is available in white or walnut colours.

Arf Pets’ Designer Cat Litter Box House 

Finally, we have a furniture box by Arf Pets that can also double up as a side table or storage shelf for books, magazines, scented candles, tabletop plants and the like.

The bottom can hide your cat’s litter box, and the inconspicuous white furniture will blend in easily with most houses. While some assembly is required, you can put it together easily by yourself.

There you have it – a range of products that are made to hide your cat’s litter box while also adding value to the aesthetics of your home’s rooms. 

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