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The Best Way to Fix a Torn Sofa

Ready to fix your torn sofa? Other than using a tailored slipcover to restore your couch, Comfort Works can help you repair that tear in your couch fabric with an easy DIY solution.

We have managed to simplify this process in 6 easy steps while using only 3 materials. Rather than paying for expensive upholstery, this is another way in which you can make your couch look almost brand new. Let’s start!


  • Seam sealant
  • Curved needle
  • Nylon Thread

Sewing materials: scissors, thread and tape measure.

1. Study the rip

Start checking the scratch in your couch’s fabric. Study its length, whether it has frayed edges, etc. This information will help you in all future steps!

Torn sofa with a rip in the armrest
Take your time to understand the rip in your couch.

2. Use seam sealant

This product which looks like glue will prevent the ripped fabric of your couch from fraying more and will secure the frayed edges. Amazon is a great place to get it! Some famous brands of sean sealer are Kampa Seam Sealer, McNett Seamgrip, Coghlan’s Seam Seal or Seam Grip. I’m sure you can also find them at your closest hardware store.

McNett Seamgrip Seam Sealant
One example of seam sealant: McNett Seamgrip Seam Sealant.

3. Fold the edges of the tear

Just fold the edges of the tear under and then press the folds down firmly with your fingers. It’s important to fold the frayed part under as far as possible because sewing too near a frayed edge can cause more damage later.

colorful sewing pins
You can also use pins to help you fold the edges of the tear.

4. Take the nylon thread and the curved needle

For this step you’ll need strong nylon thread and a curved needle. The nylon is less likely to rip because it’s a stronger textile compared to regular thread and the curved needle will allow you to sew easily on a flat surface. These are also known as mattress needles or upholstery needles should you be looking to buy them online.

There’s even leather sewing waxed thread cord for leather repair. Like the image below 🙂

Curved Needle perfect to fix your torn sofa
Curved Needle and Black Leather Sewing Waxed Thread Cord.

5. Sew the rip

Continue pinching the edges of the fabric together with your fingers. Slide the needle through the edge of the tear and pull the thread all the way through to make a stitch.

Weave the needle in and out along the tear to make small, tight stitches. Remember to keep the edges of the tear folded under as you sew and just continue sewing along the edges until you reach the end of the tear.

Here’s a visual example of this process we found on Pinterest:

how to fix a torn sofa process

6. Close and secure the seam

On your last stitch, pull the thread through until there’s a loop. Then, pass the needle through this loop twice and pull this knot tight, and then take a few tiny stitches back along the seam line, stitching away from the knot.

Finally, cut the end of the thread close to the fabric and you’re done!

curved needle sewing a couch rip
Close and secure the seam and you’ll finish fixing your torn sofa!

 To Summarize…

Use seam sealant in the frayed edges. Take nylon and a curved needle and fold the edges of the tear. Press the folds down firmly with your fingers and sew the torn area making make small, tight stitches.

Make a loop in your last stitch and pass the nylon through this loop two times. Pull and close the seam. Easy peasy 😉

living room with Comfort Works slipcovers
Want to hide the stitching even more? Get a new slipcover to rejuvenate your couch style!

If you’re thinking of a sofa makeover or considering upholstery, check out our alternative way to restore your old couch.

Happy designing!

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