Jan Johan


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The Secret To Making Your Home Look More Expensive Than It Really Is

Decorating your home to make it look expensive doesn’t mean that you have to fill your home with expensive things.

Sometimes, incorporating the same decorating techniques that high-end hotels and homes use could be enough to give your space that extra touch of luxury, all without costing you an arm and a leg.  

Read on for our top tips on how you can make your humble abode look more expensive than it really is.


Incorporating more mirrors into your house is a nifty trick used by hotels and interior designers create the impression of luxury in a space.

Mirrors are a great way to bring in more natural light and can make small spaces look much bigger than they actually are.

Hang up some mirrors in areas of the house that have natural sunlight. This lets the mirrors amplify the amount of light within the space. Alternatively, placing mirrors in tight spaces like hallways and narrow corridors open up the visual space and give the appearance of more space.


The Secret To Making Your Home Look More Expensive Than It Really Is

This is why you’ll find that most curtains in hotels hang from the ceilings.

Increasing the height of your curtains can make the ceilings in your home look higher than they actually are.

Just remember that your curtains have to be long enough to reach the ground in order to successfully pull off this look.


What’s something that expensive homes and hotels have in common?

They’re often strategically embellished with art.

You don’t have to go to an expensive art gallery or dealership to find a piece of art that’s ‘good enough’ to display at home — even a simple framed drawing or picture will do, as long as it complements your space.

It’s no wonder why hotels hang pieces of art around their rooms, especially above the beds so that their guests will associate art with luxury and class.


Owners of homes that look and feel expensive understand the effects that textiles can have on a space.  

Even simple additions like a couple of throw pillows in the living room or throw blanket the bed can give your furniture additional texture and colour, making them look more like pieces of art.

Statement pieces

Statement pieces are exactly what they sound like — they’re pieces that are used to draw you into the room and make an impression on you.

Statement pieces can be anything from large pieces of art to a chandelier, or even something as simple as a stunning sofa.

Even just arranging your furniture to give your room a focal point by way of a statement piece can be enough to elevate your room.


The Secret To Making Your Home Look More Expensive Than It Really Is

One easy (and affordable) upgrade you can opt in to make your space look more expensive than it really is, is to transform your sofa.

This can be achieved with a slipcover and a new set of sofa legs. For a glossy, eye-popping change, try going for a leather slipcover that’ll turn your sofa into a sleek statement piece. Even better, install a new set of legs to elevate your sofa (literally) and give it a fresher look.

With sofa slipcovers, you’re spoilt for choice — choose from earthy, feel-good cotton or even super-smooth, luxe leather or velvet to make your sofa look like it was something you spent a ton of money on.

Want to know how our slipcovers feel in person? Browse through our collection of fabrics and order up to eight fabric samples for free and try them out yourself.


Plants are an inexpensive way to give your house that extra touch of natural-looking lushness.

Touches of fresh green help brighten up your space, it gives the space a much-needed hit of CO2, and adds a positive vibe at wallet-friendly prices.

Got a dining space that could use a bit of sprucing up? A plant can function as an eye-soothing centrepiece on your dining table.


If there’s one thing that owners of expensive homes do well, it’s that they know how to keep their space clutter-free.

Every item seems to have a purpose or function within the space, which tends to be meticulously clean and organized for minimal clutter and maximum pleasure.

So there you go: Making your home look more expensive than it really is isn’t quite the same as just swapping out the stuff you have for more expensive ones.

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