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These Quick Tweaks Will Keep Your Home Cool All Summer Long

Summer: The season to get a tan, spend time around the pool, and soak up all that vitamin D.

It’s a fun time to be out and under the sun during the summer, but things quickly change once you’re at home and realize that the bright summer rays have turned your home into an inescapable sauna.

You might be tempted to set your A.C at full blast to fight off the summer heat, but that’s also one of the ways you’re going to end up with a crazy-high electricity bill by the end of the month.

There are, however, other alternatives out there that will help keep your house cool throughout the summer without busting your electricity bill, and here are some of them.

Get A Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat at home can help you make the most of your A.C. unit while keeping your energy use low.

Programmable thermostats like the Ecobee4 actively monitor the temperature inside your home and recalibrate automatically to power on and off when it gets too high or low.

Hang Up Shades And Blackout Curtains

Windows are one of the biggest entryways for heat into your home, so it makes sense to block it out if you want to keep the interior cool.

You can do this by installing blinds and curtains, particularly in the summer months when the heat tends to get to you. Blackout curtains work best for this, and can even help with insulating your house.

Insulate Your House

Keeping your home well insulated is another way to keep your home feeling cooler for longer.

In addition to coating your walls with padding or insulation foam, some simple things you can start doing at home is by reducing the sources of heat at home like the sunlight from your windows, the gaps underneath your doors, and even electrical appliances that aren’t being used.  

When it comes to insulation, the name of the game is to preserve the current temperature of your home for as long as can without doing things that will raise the current temperature of the space. Which means that you should avoid opening windows, doors, or using electrical appliances that generate heat.

Install LED Lightbulbs

If you needed another reason to swap out your regular incandescent bulbs for LED lights, this is definitely one of them.

Because LEDs produce a lot less heat than regular bulbs, they do a much better job at keeping your home cool.

The other thing that we love about them? They’re environmentally-friendly.

With traditional fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, only 5% of their consumed energy is used to create light, the other 95% is wasted energy in the form of heat. LED light bulbs on the other hand are 80% more efficient and only loses  5% of its energy in the form of heat — making them more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Get Your Ceiling Fan To Work Counter-Clockwise

If you have a ceiling fan at home, setting it to rotate in a counter-clockwise direction can be a useful way to cool down your house without using your A.C. unit. Most ceiling fans can be toggled to change their rotation either through a switch or by remote setting.

Since hot air rises, using your ceiling fan in a counter-clockwise direction allows it to pull in hot air from the ceiling, and creates a downward draft of cool air that circulates the room and disperses the heat.

Install A Dehumidifier

Another way to fight off that sticky, sweaty feeling that comes with the summer heat is with the help of a dehumidifier.

While it won’t cool your house as well as an air conditioning unit, a dehumidifier can still make a difference in temperature by reducing the humidity and moisture in the air.

When a space is hot and humid, it can make your space feel sticky and hot. But when a dehumidifier is used, the surrounding air is cool and dry, which can maximize the effectiveness of your air conditioning unit at home. Without a dehumidifier, your air conditioning unit would have to work even harder to cool the space due to the humidity in the air.

Reduce The Use Of Your Appliances

Home appliances like your dishwasher, computer, and oven can generate a lot of heat while they’re in use, which can be problematic if you’re trying to keep your house cool.

And the thing about having a lot of appliances is that even when they’re switched off, they can still produce heat if they are plugged into a power source.

To reduce the amount of heat they generate, try using a couple of smart power strips.

These smart power strips automatically cut off the power to any appliance that’s plugged if it isn’t being used, helping to reduce the amount of heat they produce.

It’ll also help you save more precious moolah from your electricity bill.

Use Exhaust Fans If You Have Them

To maximise their use and keep your space cool, try leaving them on during and after you’re done showering and cooking.

An exhaust fan in your bathroom and stove area can help suck up hot air and disperse the heat outside.

Tempted to use the A.C to cool things down anyway? At least you won’t be relying solely on air-conditioning to keep the sweat at bay.

Now you can enjoy the sunny summer season at home without melting away or going overboard with your air conditioning unit.

Use Cotton Sheets In The Bedroom

One thing you can do to help yourself sleep comfortably through the summer heat is by fitting your bed with cotton sheets.

Cotton is a breathable fabric that helps disperse heat and can help wick moisture away from your body, making it a great fabric to sleep in so that you won’t wake up in the middle of the night feeling sticky and sweaty.

This tip also applies to other furniture pieces at home like your sofa and even your drapes.

If you don’t own a sofa with cotton fabric, and you’re not down to spend money on an entirely new sofa, you could always get a simple sofa slipcover instead.

One of the added benefits of having a cotton slipcover is that they’re incredibly durable, easy to slip on and off, and are machine-washable.

Thinking of getting a slipcover for your sofa? Take our fabrics for a test drive so you can pick the perfect one! You can order your sample pack here: