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The IKEA 2020 Catalogue: 12 Things We Can't Wait to Order

Where did the decade go? Suddenly we’re gearing up to usher in 2020, and *drumroll please* IKEA 2020 Catalogue.

As IKEA lovers, we’ve been ready to dive in since a year ago, so here we go!

We love that the theme of “sleep” (one of our favourites) is consistent throughout the catalogue, and IKEA makes a very convincing case for earlier bedtimes and better sleep quality in the home. No arguments there.

Without further ado, here are our top must-buy items from the IKEA 2020 Catalogue that we think belong in every IKEA-inspired home:

1. MALM bed frame

Image: IKEA

Looking to maximize the space in your bedroom? The MALM bed frame is your answer.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it also has 2 storage boxes in the frame, where you can carve out a discreet ‘home’ for books, toys and other bedroom knick knacks.

Note that the bed frame does not come with slats for bed support. For that, the LUROY slatted bed base will be your best bet.

2. KNIXHULT floor lamp

Image: IKEA

Add a touch of farmhouse living to your home with the KNIXHULT floor lamp.

Made with clear lacquered bamboo, it creates a comforting glow through its woven silhouette, making it the perfect night lamp for those who’re not fans of the dark.

3. EKET wall-mounted shelving unit

Image: IKEA

Forget wall art.

Get the EKET wall-mounted shelving unit, or several and make art with it instead.

Snow globes, knick-knacks, books and the like can be displayed and reached for easily with these units.

4. LUBBAN trolley table with storage

Image: IKEA

Trolley tables don’t get the love they deserve.

Luckily, we’ve found a gorgeous option from the IKEA 2020 Catalogue that deserves plenty of TLC.

Made with rattan and powder-coated steel, this Instagram-worthy trolley can be placed in just about any space for that touch of style and functionality.

It’ll be perfect for products you don’t necessarily need on display, but would like to be easily accessible.

5. MELLOSA picture ledge

Image: IKEA

Display your art and family photos in style with this transparent, wall-mounted picture ledge.

Swap out pictures easily, turn your favourite photos into works of art and  keep your space clean more easily than an entire cabinet top.

6. PAX wardrobe

Image: IKEA

Tight on space?

The PAX wardrobe, with its sophisticated foil finish and tempered glass will make a great addition to your home. And instead of opening outwards, the doors sliding from side to side for minimal space uptake.

No more having to move your other furniture around to get to your clothes.

7. LEDSJO LED wall lamp

Image: IKEA

If you’ve been dreaming of adding a vanity mirror to your dressing space, you need the LEDSJO LED Wall Lamp.

It’ll make the perfect addition to any bathroom or dressing room mirror, since it’s designed to give you just the right amount of light to get on point with your hair and makeup.

8. EKEDALEN extendable table

Image: IKEA

Another IKEA product that’s perfect for those living in small spaces or obsessed with making their space as functional as possible is the EKEDALEN table.

This extendable table can be used to entertain guests when they come over or kept tucked in to function as a work desk (or just to save space) when you need it to.

Either way, it makes the perfect addition to any room that’s being designed on a budget or space constraint.

9. RISATORP trolley

For lovers of succulents, terrariums, and other small plants, this powder-coated steel and solid birch trolley is the perfect place to display all your green babies.

And why not, since it’s always a good idea to bring in nature to give your home a cheerful vibe?

10. SATSUMAS plant stand

If you want to bring even bigger plants indoors, the SATSUMAS plant stand will help you display your greens nicely too a must-have for any plant parent.

11. FRIHETEN corner sofa-bed with storage

Image: IKEA

Is it a sofa, bed or a storage container? It’s all three!

We have to admit — we love our multi-functional furniture pieces, and the FRIHETEN corner sofa-bed with storage definitely checks all the boxes.

This sofa’s perfect for large families, people who have guests over often, and anyone who appreciates having their everyday essentials hidden but within reach.

Continuing the theme of multi-functional furniture we love, the NYHAMN 3-seat sofa-bed is a great option for people who like to nap in the living room.

13.SCHOTTIS block-out pleated blinds

Image: IKEA

For a good night’s sleep, it’s so important to keep the glare from light streaming into your bedroom to a minimum. This can be difficult to do when you live in the city where there’s plenty of light pollution.

A great solution: IKEA’s SCHOTTIS block-out blinds, which are designed to keep this glare to a minimum without blocking out light entirely.

Instead, it works filters light so that it creates a soft, cozy — not annoying — effect in your bedroom so you can get more shut-eye.

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