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5 Indoor Plants That Need The Least Maintenance

The trending norm seems to lean towards long working days and hectic schedules – each day seems more difficult to have time to take care of our homes and decorate them. Yes, after a busy day at work we are just thinking about going home and relax. But as you know, that won’t stop the decoration lovers we are!

For that reason, we have decided to create a new post with one of the oldest tricks to have amazing decor with almost no effort: using plants. Combine them with colorful pots and use them to bring life and happiness to your house. Also, plants purify the air and bring positive Feng Shui to your home. Such benefits!

Worried that maybe you haven’t got enough time to take care of them? Fret not, because this post is will give you 5 Indoor Plants That Need The Least Maintenance.

Living room decorated with plants Inspiration Ideas
Plants purify the air and bring positive Feng Shui

1. Snake Plant

This beautiful plant can tolerate a wide range of growing environments, adapting perfectly to different temperatures and light conditions. Even under low light and neglect! Yes, you can go on vacation and still return to find these plants alive when you are back home.

There are different variations of this plant with different sizes to choose from. They can have a height from 15cm/6″ to 91cm/36” depending on the variety of the plant.

The Snake Plant is an Indoor Plant That don't need much Maintenance
An elegant pot always makes your plants look better.

2. Cactus

Who doesn’t love cactus (cacti?)? They almost don’t need water, survive even in the most aggressive habitats and there is a huge variety of cacti. Different colors, sizes, species… You can always find one which fits your decoration style!

There is also a common belief which says that cacti absorb certain types of radiation. That’s the reason why many people have them next to their computers! Just another reason to add this beautiful plants to your home style decoration.

the best indoor plants are the cactus
The enormous variety of cactus makes this plant a very useful decoration item.

3. Pothos

Oh, the popular Pothos! A plant very easy to grow and which brings bright and energy to every home it’s in. With green and strong leaves, this little plant doesn’t require any special care and it’s very easy to propagate (check the video below for more info). But if you want to make it grow and be happy you should have it in a low humidity and luminous environment, and water it when its potting mix is dry.

If you have pets we don’t recommend you to have this plant as it is listed as toxic by the ASPCA. Once an animal ingests this, it can be fatal.

4. African Violet

Were you thinking that indoor plants which require the least maintenance haven’t got flowers? Well, here is the proof that it’s not.

African Violets are living proof that they are very easy to grow and have flowers throughout the year. This plant doesn’t require too much water, just enough to keep the soil moist. In addition, too much water can actually kill the plant!

If you want to have flowers indoors but you haven’t got much time to take care of them – this is the best option!

African Violet Beautiful Plant for Indoors
Bring life again to your home with this beautiful plant full of flowers.

5. Ficus

You have more than 800 varieties of Ficus to choose from! In general, this specimen is characterized by its shiny leaves and thin single trunk. It’s perfect for you if you are looking for a low maintenance plant which looks like a little tree.

It loves dry soil but it’s recommended to water it when it seems parched. Also, the decoration options with this plant are uncountable – just check a few of the next examples. You can find even more of them on Pinterest 😉

The Ficus is a plant which doesn't need much maintenance
Find inspiration on Pinterest about how to decorate your living room with a Ficus.

Extra Tip 😉

Plants always bring good vibes to a home, but you can even intensify this new sensation combining your plants with some new decoration. You can change the color of some of your cushions with a pillow cover, make your home more rustical adding wooden sofa legs to your couch or even change the color and texture of your sofa with a slipcover.

Your house will look completely new and in harmony with your new plants. For example, you can choose a light color for your sofa in order to highlight all your colorful and bright, contrasting plants.

indoor plants with easy maintenance
What about a new sofa cover which combines with your new plants?

We really hope that you have found this article inspiring and useful. Remember that you can follow us on our social media accounts for more inspiration. You can do it on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. If you have a question or just want to send us your opinion you can send us an email to or leave a message here. We always read them! ?

Happy designing!