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Replacement IKEA sofa covers for discontinued IKEA couch models

Did IKEA discontinue your sofa model? Trying to figure out the name of your sofa so you can get a set of sofa covers for it?

Customise your replacement slipcover here – we build covers for almost every old and discontinued IKEA sofa models, as well as some newer ones!

Below, we’ve put together a catalog of IKEA’s Armchairs, Sofas, Sleepers and Sectionals in all of IKEA’s current and past collections. We’ll try to update this regularly as IKEA releases new models or discontinues old ones.

Check ’em out!


1.Discontinued IKEA armchairs
2.Discontinued IKEA 2-seater sofas
3.Discontinued IKEA 3-seater sofas
4.Discontinued IKEA sectional sofas
5.Discontinued IKEA sofa beds

Discontinued IKEA armchairs
Discontinued IKEA armchairs

Slipcovers for IKEA armchairs that have been discontinued can be found below:

Angby armchair cover
Barkaby armchair cover
Ekeskog armchair cover
Farlov armchair cover
Harnosand 1 Seater Sofa cover
Hovas armchair cover
Jennylund armchair cover
Karlanda armchair cover
Karlstad armchair cover
Lillberg armchair cover
Lycksele chair bed cover
Mellby armchair cover
Sandby armchair cover
Stockholm 1.5 Seater cover
Tomelilla armchair cover
Tullsta armchair cover
Tylosand 1-seat section cover

Discontinued IKEA sofas
Discontinued IKEA sofas

The order page for respective 2 Seater IKEA sofa slipcovers that have been discontinued are as follows:

Angby 2 seater sofa cover 
Harnosand 2 seater sofa cover
Karlanda 2 seater sofa cover 
Klobo 2 seater sofa cover
Kramfors 2 seater sofa cover
Karlstad 2 seater sofa cover
Lillberg 2 seater sofa cover
Mysinge 2 seater sofa cover
Sandby 2 seater sofa cover
Stromstad 2 seater sofa cover
Tomelilla 2 seater sofa cover
Tylosand 2 seater sofa cover

Slipcovers for 3 seater models that have been discontinued by IKEA from the catalog above includes:

Angby 3 seater sofa cover
Backamo 3 seater sofa cover
Ekeskog 3 seater sofa cover
Farlov 3 seater sofa cover
Flottebo Sofa Bed cover
Goteborg 3 seater sofa cover
Harnosand 3 seater sofa cover
Holmsund 3 seater sofa bed cover
Hovas 3 seater sofa cover
Karlanda 3 seater sofa cover
Karlstad 3 seater sofa cover
Kramfors 3 seater sofa cover
Lillberg 3 seater sofa cover
Nikkala 3 seater sofa cover
Sandby 3 seater sofa cover
Stockholm 3 seater sofa cover
Stockholm 3.5 seater sofa cover
Stockholm 2017, 3 seater sofa cover
Stromstad 3 seater sofa cover
Tomelilla 3 seater sofa cover
Tylosand 3 seater sofa cover
Varnamo sofa cover

Discontinued IKEA sectional sofas
Discontinued IKEA sectional sofas

Last but not least, here are the Discontinued IKEA Sectionals and their replacement slipcover links:

Ektorp Corner Sofa Bed Cover
Ektorp Corner Sofa Cover
Ektorp 2 seater with Chaise Lounge Cover
Karlanda Corner Sofa Cover
Karlstad Corner Sofa Cover
Kivik Sectional Covers
Norsborg Sectional Covers
Soderhamn Sectional Covers
Vimle Corner Sofa Covers

Discontinued IKEA sofa beds
Discontinued IKEA sofa beds

Slipcovers for Discontinued IKEA Sofa Bed Models are:

Allerum Sofa Bed cover
Beddinge Sofa Bed cover
Ekeskog Sofa Bed cover
Ektorp 2 seater Sofa Bed cover
Ektorp 3 seater Sofa Bed cover
Ektorp sectional (2+2) Sofa Bed cover
Fagelbo Sofa Bed cover
Flottebo Sofa Bed cover
Friheten Sofa Bed cover
Hagalund Sofa Bed cover
Holmsund Sofa Bed covers
Karlanda Sofa Bed cover
Lillberg Sofa Bed cover
Lugnvik Sofa Bed cover
Manstad Sofa Bed cover
Moheda Sofa Bed cover
Solsta Sofa Bed cover
Tomelilla Sofa Bed cover
Tylosand Sofa Bed cover

Hope this was helpful, if you don’t see your sofa in the list, you can drop us a photo of your couch to or visit the link below to see if you can have one made-to-measure.

Wondering what our slipcovers feel like in person? You can order up to eight fabric samples for free to try them out for yourself and see how you like them. Simply click the button below and discover our sofa fabrics.

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Wendy mccraner
Wendy mccraner
6 years ago

Hi, I have a karlstad ikea 2+3 sivik dark gray couch and my dog ate one of the cushions, not just the cover but the whole thing. Can u sell me the whole cushion with cover?

6 years ago
Reply to  Wendy mccraner

Hi Wendy,

Oh dear, hope your dog is alright! Unfortunately we don’t sell cushion inserts, only slipcovers as a whole set, so your best bet would be getting your own cushion insert and getting new slipcovers for your Karlstad sofa.

Hope this helps 🙂

6 years ago

Actually, while getting a foam cut to size to replace the cushion is seemingly the best solution, it actually isn’t; why I said so, it’s because i did it on one my sofa’s seat cushion and now whenever i sit on it, it feels different to the other cushions. Not… Read more »

Christine Bieraugle
Christine Bieraugle
6 years ago

we are looking for 2 covers / matrices for the SINGLE pull out chair/bed that we bought from ikea last year. Do you have these?
the picture of the double is below.
thank you
Christine Bieraugle

6 years ago

Hi Christine! Unfortunately we don’t make covers for the IKEA PS Murbo — have you tried asking IKEA directly or checked if eBay might have them? Nonetheless if you’re interested in having custom covers made for it, do contact us at and we’ll proceed from there 🙂 Hope to… Read more »

6 years ago

I have the Lycksele chair bed and need a new cover, can you make one?

6 years ago

Hi, I have an EllNE sofa and need a solution to cover it, I did find ikea bottom cushons in the as is section in white. Now I just need a cover for the couch and 2 back cushions.

Do you have a solution that might help?

6 years ago
Reply to  Sue

Hi Sue!

It’s quite possible to make covers for the cushions you have – just drop us a photo of the items you wish to recover at and we’ll help you out 🙂

Hope to hear from you soon!

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