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When should I replace my slipcovers?

If your sofa cover has a few years left or you’ve just recently bought one, it’s very probable that you have asked yourself “when should I replace my slipcovers?”.  And as always, here we are to help you answer it 😉

If you have a Comfort Works cover I’m sure you already know that all our covers have a two years guarantee but of course, they are designed to last a lot longer. So what’s the magic number of years to change the covers?

Well, it depends on the use of the sofa and its covers and also on many other factors like hygiene, the daily use you give to your sofa and, of course, your decoration style. Because if you are like us, I’m sure you will love to change your covers regularly and have a new decoration style every season.

If you ask specialists or search for information about this topic you will receive many different answers.

A sofa cover is always a good idea 😉

Orientative replacement dates

Let’s begin with some general information, so we can have an idea of about when should we replace our couch covers. To set a benchmark, here’s a list of how often should we replace other house furniture.

Of course, a sofa cover is not exactly like the above items. The materials used to manufacture it are very different and is obviously more resistant and durable (hence not as comfy). But this information helps us to have an idea about how often should we change the covers of our sofa.

How often do you change your bed sheets?


Dust mites, body oil, dead skin cells – all these things are accumulated in your furniture during the years and yes, sofa covers aren’t an exception. If you are like us and love to lie on the sofa, work on it, have dinners with your friends while watching football matches then you might consider washing your covers more frequently.

It’s very important to wash your sofa covers every 3 – 6 months (depending on the use of the sofa), to assure it is completely clean. Something we also recommend is to have more than one sofa cover. So you can have one in your sofa while you wash the other. This also will help you change the decoration of your living room more frequently, and that’s always a good thing 🙂

A good way to keep your sofa new and clean is with our liquid and stain proof fabrics:


Also, if you love decoration maybe you will love to know that with a sofa cover you can change the decoration style of your sofa in a fast and easy way. Just change the covers and you will have a new sofa. Easy, right?

Change your sofa cover and have a new living room immediately

Final Conclusion

If your cover looks completely new, there’s really no need to change the sofa covers at all. There are times where people would get two main sets and change them every 6 months or so, so that probably would last them a good 5-10 years. If you only have one set of slipcovers, then you might have to replace them every 3 – 5 years but this really depends on how much wear and tear occurs.

A good way to keep your sofa clean is washing them regularly (this is more easy with a sofa cover which you can wash in the washing machine). Also, covers are the best way to increase the useful life of your sofa and the best option for those who love to give your living space a makeover.

We hope to have answered your questions. If you have more queries do not hesitate to contact us through or our social networks. We have accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.