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Introducing Comfort Chenille, the sofa fabric made for all seasons

What if the ultimate couch for every season could be in your living room right now? 

Buying a sofa is one of the most important investments you’re likely to make for your home, but it doesn’t stop there. 

The true quest is in maintaining and sprucing up your sofa… and what better way to do that than to choose the best material for literally any season?

Meet Comfort Chenille, our newest fabric

Image credit: Comfort Works

We’re always on the search for the best in sofa fabrics. This time, we wanted the impossible: a fabric that would keep you toasty and cosy on chilly nights, but also stay cool on warm summer days.  

Turns out, it wasn’t impossible. Seasons change, but your sofa doesn’t have to. No matter what the weather may be outside, our all-new Comfort Chenille fabric will adapt to your needs. But how?

It’s super breathable

Image credit: Comfort Works

Cool or cosy? Get you a sofa that can do both. With a unique blend of linen and polyester fibres, this fabric’s super-breathability will help you stay cool in the summer yet keep you warm in the winter… all without the fuss of peeling the covers off and putting new ones on for every season. 

The special weave of the Chenille fabric gives it its temperature-regulating properties, so it can efficiently adapt to what you need; an upgrade from classic chenille fabric. 

You can now take one day at a time in absolute peace and comfort with our super breathable Comfort Chenille. The fabric shifts seamlessly from one season to the next!

It’s wrinkle-resistant 

Image credit: Comfort Works

You’ll never have to iron your sofa again. Promise.

Comfort Chenille never wrinkles or shrinks, even after washing and wear. Thanks to its strong, durable fibres, the fabric stays the same and always feels comfortable. That means not only will it look perfect the first time you put it on your sofa – it’ll stay looking perfect. 

Zero ironing time = maximum relaxing time.  

The best part about its super low-maintenance upkeep? Just toss it into the washing machine on low, and you’re good to go! Your covers will come out fresh and plush as ever.

It’s so stylish

Image credit: Comfort Works

With its silky-soft pile and luxurious sheen, our Comfort Chenille will instantly uplift your living space. Its plush texture doesn’t just feel luxurious, but makes any sofa look that much more inviting, too. Think of all the nap-time you (or friends crashing over) could have 🙂

From neutrals to statement shades, we have six beautiful, contemporary colours that would suit any home aesthetic. 

Comfort Chenille Pebble: An all-round favourite, Pebble is a light, cool-toned grey that pairs perfectly with bold or neutral shades. 

Comfort Chenille Cream: This natural shade features light and dark flecks for a complex take on a classic cream. 

Comfort Chenille Sandstone: We love this warm grey with its undertones of beige and green.

Comfort Chenille Purple Mauve: This rich, warm shade sits somewhere between pink, purple and brown and will add a subtle depth to your decor.

Comfort Chenille Dusty Rose: This classic soft pink has subtle grey and brown undertones that make it easy to pair with neutrals.

Comfort Chenille Burnt Orange: A striking, statement shade of deep rust that pairs well with other warm colours or neutral tones. 

Practicality & comfort – who says you need to choose just one? 

Image credit: Comfort Works

In addition to the superpower of seamless changes between seasons, our Comfort Chenille thrives in being both durable and comfortable at the same time. 

Durability doesn’t just mean tough materials and rough textures. Comfort Chenille’s unique blend has all the right properties to be soft but strong. Wash it and use it, and never worry about it shrinking, stretching or wrinkling.

In fact, among all the luxurious fabrics we have, our Comfort Chenille just might be the softest and snuggliest of them all. 

Want to try it for yourself? Order samples to find the perfect shade of Chenille for your home.