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IKEA's discontinued Varnamo Sofa VO3 in Kino Natural

Discontinued IKEA Varnamo Sofa – The Ektorp Predecessor?

Discontinued sometime before 2007, the Varnamo 3-seater sofa is a slightly more squarish version of the Ektorp (with no pleated skirts / slipcover). It’s also easily differentiated with its odd-numbered 3-knife, edged-back cushions and 2 box-seat cushions.

Varnamo 3 seater Navy with contrast white piping
Varnamo 3 seater Navy with contrast white piping

Fun fact: the above IKEA Varnamo sofa is actually a limited edition blue sofa with contrast white piping, which we think is pretty cool. Generally from what we found out so far, the Varnamo was mostly available in either dark blue or brown (without the piping).

The other thing about this sofa is that it’s completely upholstered, which means that it will get fairly annoying once the sofa is soiled or dirtied in any way. Thankfully, IKEA had the Ektorp and it’s probably one of the reasons why it’s still around – we’re just not so sure why the Ektorp sofa beds were discontinued though.

So after all that, why are we bringing this up?

Varnamo Sofa Slipcover Transformation

Varnamo sofa in cream coloured slipcovers
Varnamo sofa in Comfort Works slipcover

Well basically if you still have one of these old, discontinued IKEA sofas you can now leave it to us to dress it up 🙂

We love the notion that if you have a sturdy and well maintained sofa that’s just a little tired on the outside, but still going strong on the inside – all you really need to do is to just give it a simple makeover.

If you need help, we’re able to make custom slipcovers for almost any sofa in the world.

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