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karlstad tufted velvet in rouge ash

Comfort Works Tufting Kit

Ain’t she a beauty? Everything you need in a single, beautiful Linen “Wallet” to get awesome tufted headboards and sofas.

The Tufting kit includes:
– 1 Upholstery Needle
– 1 White Chalk
– 1 Measuring Tape
– 1 Upholstery Twine
– 1 Small pair of Scissors
– 12 Fabric Covered Custom Buttons

So about a year ago we were inspired by a couple that does DIY stuff for their home — you might know their blog:

We came across their tufting hack blog post which helped them save a thousand bucks. Yes – $1,000.

Here’s the look that they were going for:

Crate and Barrel Petrie Sofa

That was a Crate and Barrel Petrie Sofa costing $1,699. Here’s what they got at the end:

Karlstad Tufting Hack

It definitely looks better than something that costs $1,699 wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

Needless to say we realized that there will be other people searching for the same tufting materials so that can have tufted sofas, headboards, etc.

And so we started researching, sourcing and designing till we were able to recreate what this couple had done – into your very own DIY Tufting Kit — all just for $69.

Then we had to do a little bit of testing, have a look at our very first guinea pig – our office Kivik 1 seater:

tufted cushion Kivik Sofa

The slipcover material here is actually felt, which is a work in progress and we’re still trying to figure out what colours to get. If you are looking for something in particular, this is your chance to leave a comment down below to tell us what you’d like to see from us in the future! 🙂

Kivik Felt Sofa Cover with Tufted Cushion

Did I mention that I’m a pretty decent Ukulele player? Sommm.. wheeerrr.. o-ver the rainbow~

Close up tuft with needle

The Kino Charcoal buttons look a little different here, but they still complement the dark grey felt slipcover very well as seen above.

And that was when we thought, “Hey, how about we ask some of our customers to try getting some stuff tufted with our custom tufting kit?”

So it happened — A recent customer (Ashley from BiggerThanTheThreeOfUs) of ours actually tested it out and documented the entire thing here:

It really makes our hearts all warm and fuzzy inside when we see how creative people can get with the little things that they’re given. Here are a few more inspirational photos:

tufted leather back karlstad

karlstad tufted velvet in rouge ash

Custom Slipcover in Kino Charcoal with DIY Tufting

The possibilities are endless so who knows what’s coming next — to get your own tufting kit with 50+ different button options, clicky here: Buy Tufting Kit

Let us know, in the comment section below!