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Here's What You Need To Put Together A Memorable Spring Party (And They're All From IKEA)

Winter is finally behind us!

It’s now that time of year where people are coming out of hibernation and are finally spending more of their day being outdoors.

What better way is there to welcome the new season other than throwing a big spring party with all the friends that you’ve missed over the winter?

It’s time to step up your party game, here’s how you can throw a memorable spring party. Spoiler alert: they’re all from IKEA.

When it comes to hosting a party, you have to start with the essentials like chairs, tables, food, music, and drinks (Especially that last one).

A standalone drink area

Here's what you need to put together a memorable spring party. (IKEA RASKOG)
Image credit: IKEA

While it makes sense to have your drink area located next to where you get your food, some parties prefer to keep their drinks in a different area of the party altogether.

Keeping your drink area separated from the food area helps avoid overcrowding the food area in a party. While some people might get hungry during a party, other people might just need a simple drink to keep socializing.

And what better way is there to set up your own drink area than with a dedicated drink cart for your party? You’ve probably seen the IKEA RASKOG cart around in some places. They’re a popular IKEA product for their affordability, convenience, and also, they don’t look all that bad. Their wheels make the RASKOG easy to move around, and their deep shelves make tall drink bottles easy to transport without toppling over.

A homemade beverage

Here's what you need to put together a memorable spring party.  (IKEA FÖRFRISKNING )
Image credit: IKEA

If you’re the type of person who likes serving homemade drinks at a party, the FÖRFRISKNING from IKEA will definitely impress your party guests. This drink dispenser is great for serving all sorts of beverages from lemon-infused water, to your own blend of fruit punch.

The FÖRFRISKNING’s size and volume make it great for all kinds of gatherings, especially outdoor ones so that you won’t have to go back and forth replenishing the cooler box every time you run out of drinks.

Use baking cups for small snacks

IKEA Essentials To Help You Put Together A Memorable Spring Party (IKEA SOCKERKAKA)
Image credit: IKEA

Although the SOCKERKAKA makes baking a whole lot easier thanks to their oven, dishwasher, and microwave-safe silicone baking cups. They can also be used as tiny snack cups to be served alongside other finger foods during your spring party.

Use some lanterns for some de”light”ful fun.

Here's what you need to put together a memorable spring party. (IKEA ROTERA)
Image credit: IKEA

If it’s getting late, and you find yourself in need of some extra light for your outdoor spring party, the ROTERA lantern from IKEA is something you’ll definitely want to have around your party.

The ROTERA’s nostalgic lamp design will help make any setting look homier and welcoming when it’s lit up with candles — making the ROTERA the “light” of the party. 

These can come in especially handy when there aren’t any outdoor outlets located nearby for actual lights for your party.

Never be without music

Here's what you need to put together a memorable spring party.  (IKEA ENEBY)
Image credit: IKEA

What’s a party without music? Probably not a very good one.

With the IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth speaker, you can keep your tunes going without needing to keep your device physically connected to the speaker.

Although the ENEBY Bluetooth speaker itself needs a power source, you can buy a separate battery pack that will power the speaker for up to 10 hours so that you have a fully portable speaker and bring the party wherever you go.

It’s the little things that count

Here's what you need to put together a memorable spring party. (IKEA SMYCKA)
Image credit: IKEA

A party is never really complete without some decorations. We’re not just talking about the paper decorations from IKEA’s VISIONAR series, we’re talking about pimping out your spring party to the point where all your party guests will want to take photos of your party and post it on their Instagram feed.

Nothing quite captures the essence of spring better than some bright and vibrant flowering plants. With IKEA’s SMYCKA collection of artificial flowers, you can fool all your party guests with your so-called gardening skills and easily transform your outdoor space into a beautiful spring getaway.

The added benefit of having artificial plants is that you can store them away until you need them again for future spring parties!

With these IKEA products, you can now impress all your guests by hosting the most memorable spring party of the year!

Spring is certainly one of the busier seasons of the year. It’s a time when people are shaking off their winter blues, a time when a lot of wedding are happening, and it’s also a time when people decide to do some spring cleaning and redecorating at home.

If you’ve been thinking of redecorating your space this spring, you’ll find plenty of useful and easy to follow tips to help you with just that in our Timeless Living: How To Design A Classy IKEA- Inspired Home ebook.