Aaron Wong


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What can you do when there’s nothing to do?

If you’ve been unlucky enough to be hit by a movement restriction in the latest of 2020’s various crises, then you may be wondering the same.

Times like this it pays to have productive things to do, but it’s not that easy finding something you can do at home… while being distracted by home.

Speaking of home, we’re going to be seeing a lot of it from now on so might as well make it amazing. It’s time for a space remake!

Two birds → One stone.

And by the time everyone is out and about visiting friends and making up for lost time again, guess who’s living room will be the shocker. Yours.

Ready for your dream home? Here are some tips on how you start achieving it.

Starting with:

Removing That Clutter

The first and easiest way to begin any interior remake is to remove the clutter. Not only does it free up space for us to experiment, but it also doesn’t take much commitment and we can do it at leisure. Like a warm up to get you into the mood.

And more than that, how are we supposed to work when there’s things everywhere tripping and blocking us?

This is what you need:

Organization Lifehacks : Just can’t seem to find a place to stash all those scatter items around your room? Discover items that will help you group them up or give you more space to store your stuff.

The right/wrong way to use IKEA products: Who knew that using IKEA products in the completely wrong way would deliver such great results! Good news is that IKEA is still open for online delivery if you’re thinking of checking them out.

Design Planning

Building your dream interior will take time and effort, so it’s best to get it right. From farmhouse, industrial, white, bohemian, and lots more – there are so many styles to decorate your home with.

Maybe you’re set and ready with a clear idea of what you want or maybe you’re still discovering. Either way, here is some inspiration from the book of styles to push you along.

Minimalist living rooms : Say no to clutter but yes to style with a decor that celebrates the simpler side of life. It’s x and it’s y and it’s definitely not for households with messy kids. 

Farmhouse style : Warm, approachable and family friendly, the farmhouse look does it all. No wonder it is the most popular style of them all.

The industrial aesthetic : It’s not the easiest style to pull off, especially if you’re not already rocking some of the elements (like a brick wall), but the lucky few may find their existing abode ready for the industrial revolution. 

Grey living rooms : Another favourite for those who love simplicity and minimalism…. just without the whole focus on the minimalism

Spring theme : Perfect for ushering in the new season and all the freshness that comes with it, this style excels at bringing the outdoors inside.

Consult The Experts

The list goes waaay on – there are too many different ways to decorate! Times like this it’s time to bring in the experts. Get more style ideas from them or learn how you can bring your chosen one to life.

Straight from the TV : From dealing with small spaces to decorating on a dime, there’s a TV series for everyone that will, in Marie Kondo’s famous words “spark joy”.

Discover some of the best decorators on Instagram : Get your updates and the know how from those who have gone through it all in their own home.

Begin Small

You’ve researched, you’ve prepared, and now it’s time to take action. Don’t burn yourself out trying to put it all together all at once – make small effective changes first. The finishings and big ticket stuff can be handled later.

Decorating on a budget: Small cost, big results! The best ways to scrimp while changing up your living space noticeably. 

Why white walls : White naturally compliments a host of different styles like farmhouse, modern, minimalist, scandi and just about anything really. Yup, it’s just that versatile. 

Lighting, curtains and more : More simple touches that will bring a whole new feel to your home.

Time To Decorate

With a whole new canvas to work with, it’s time to fill in your new space with the good stuff. Even without delving into new furniture and other luxury items that will blow a hole in your wallet (which can wait until another day), there are still a ton of ways to re-create your living space. 

It just needs a little furnishing.

Feeling rustic? : There’s a whole cult-like following centred around the rustic/ shabby-chic decor that is so often found in houses sporting the farmhouse look. A little exposed wood and linen and you too can join in!

Celebrate nature : Seal the deal on your spring themed living space (or any style that incorporates nature for that matter) with the freshest decorations available online.

For the new parents : Design the ultimate nursery. But don’t forget to keep it in-line with your new home. 

Go green : Compliment your new style with an indoor garden because plants belong in any home.

Last but not least…

The most important step now that you’re done with all that? Kick back and relax! After all, you’ve probably done more renovation on your home than the last few years combined.

How to be blissfully unproductive : Reward yourself for your hard work and take a well deserved break 🙂