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12 Spring Home Decorating Ideas That'll Inspire You To Start Afresh

A fearless woman once said: “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” 

Yet, it’s the one true association that anyone makes when the spring season beckons. It’s the season where seemingly dead trees spring back to life, flowering in abundance and showering you with colour – something to look forward to after the drab white and grey of winter. 

Seeing that it’ll soon be flowering outside, it’s that time of the year again where you prepare your home for our favourite season of the year: Spring.

We’ve curated some simple spring decorating ideas that you can start using now to get your spring gears going. 

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Use Faux Flowers

Love the longevity of faux plants and the smell of real ones? You can have both at home. Mix the two to great effect, just like how this home does.

2. Make Your Floral Centerpieces Fresh

Okay, so maybe you don’t quite like the idea of mixing both faux and fresh flowers. If that’s the case, stick to freshly-cut flowers instead. Bright ones make for a great table centrepiece, and they smell pretty amazing too.

3. Add Bright Pops Of Colour

Flowers don’t have to be your only option when it comes to making a spring colour statement. You can add hints that pop with small, decorative items that come in the spring palette of your choice.

4. Use Pastel Pink Shades To Warm Your Days

Pastel pink has always been perceived as girly, but ain’t nothing wrong that and it’s an extremely pretty shade that makes it the ideal representative colour for spring in our books. 

Pink is also the perfect way to add some subtle warmth to your home

5. Or Try A Light Mint Accent Wall

Not warming to the idea of having pink in your space? Try mint instead. Getting your home spring-ready doesn’t have to mean redecorating your entire home just having one accent wall in a fresh colour like soft mint can make a huge difference in lifting your mood and spirits.

6. Make Blooms A Prominent Part Of Your Wall

Another idea for flowers that live longer? Put them in an art piece. Or get an art piece that has them.

If you have a floral painting that’s been hiding in storage all through winter, it’s time to bring it out of hibernation for spring.

Against light, neutral walls like stark white, it’ll instantly pop and make the entire room look brighter.

7. Consider Wallpapering Your Bathroom

Painting isn’t your only option when it comes to brightening up your walls for spring wallpaper will work just as well, and it can be used just about anywhere in your home.

It’s an easy and fuss-free way to splash spring on your bathroom walls.

Go for a monochromatic if your goal is to extend its style longevity throughout the year.

8. Plant A Flowering Tree

Nothing says spring like a tree that flowers. If you plant one in your garden, you’ll have the joy of looking out the window to your very own blooms, tended to by your own hands. Now that’s a springtime joy.

9. Try A Bright Carpet

If you’re a fan of minimalist interior design, you’ll likely have carpets at home that sport a neutral brown, white, beige or even black — great for a subtle, low-key look, but if you’re in the mood for spring vibes, you’ll need to switch things up.

For that spring pep, try replacing your neutrals with a brighter carpet shade like pastel lavender, blue, pink, mint or even yellow. Given that rugs are so easy to switch up, you’ll be able to change looks in just minutes.

10. Go Tropical

Springtime florals don’t always have to mean paisley prints or dainty flowers. You can also make a spring statement with bold tropical prints in rich, lush greens whether with real plants or a wallpaper.

11. Swap Your Winter Fabrics For Linen

Spring equals warmer weather, which means it’ll help to swap your thicker fabrics at home for lighter, airier ones, such as linen.

Great places to start include your bed, curtains, sofa (with a slipcover) and even dining chairs, which can also be slipcovered.

And thanks to its subtle nod to the casual, shabby chic style, linen will help you step into spring in no time and with very little effort.

12. Dress Up Your Dining Table With Runners

Got a bare dining table that screams winter more than spring? Bring warmth into your dining area by adding a table runner in a bright cheery colour to liven things up. It’ll make your transition from winter to spring in the easiest possible way. 

Want more decorating ideas? Download our Timeless Living: How To Design A Classy IKEA-Inspired Home ebook for free and get more spring decorating ideas here: