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Slap up some wallpaper and bring Spring inside

We’re finally coming out of winter and seeing hints of Spring in the air. The best way to banish the last vestiges of your SAD? Bring the new season into your home via some judicious decor choices. As always, trends are tending towards the colourful, floral and fresh this season – after all, florals don’t have to be groundbreaking as long as they make you happy.  

Wallpaper isn’t a new trend but it’s one that’s showing some serious staying power, and one of the simplest ways to update a room even if you keep everything else the same. The newest crop of designers and designs take the best of a classic decorating item and make it fresh – modern colourways, oversized pattern repeats and of course, the latest in application techniques. Peel and stick? Yes please.  

Wallpaper From The 70s

L–R: Wallpaper From the 70s’ Ostara in yellow, Morena in orange, Juno in pale green

Great for: Retro florals and eye-bending geometrics, in modern colourways

The brand name says it all, really. Wallpaper From The 70s takes authentic vintage wallpaper designs and recreates them with up-to-date materials and apparently highly stringent German quality control. The brand started out with only vintage designs, but have since expanded their range to include other original patterns and designs. Really though, it’s the ’70s numbers we can’t take our eyes off.

Eleanor Bowmer

L-R: Eleanor Bowmer’s Sunset Palms in lilac, Botanical Check in blush, Roman Stripe in powder

Great for: That Bridgerton aesthetic, through an Instagram filter 

Eleanor Bowmer’s Manchester design studio does a lot of things really well, including striking personalised prints, cheeky greeting cards and an excellent line in tea towels. But her recently updated wallpaper collection is where it’s at. OG fans of Eleanor’s will recognise her signature leopard wallpaper, a lovely splodgey, pastel ode to the animal print – the designer has since added a multitude of prints to the collection with a distinct Regency feel. Think feathery pastel palms; seashells and flowers suspended in a bamboo trellis; even a little nod to ancient Rome.  

Flavor Paper

L-R: Flavor Paper’s Ladies by Katie Stout, Mama Pearl, Dance Diagram by Andy Warhol

Great for: Something a little different. Or a lot different. 

Ain’t no such thing as a safe wallpaper, not as far as Flavor Paper is concerned. The brand has a singular focus on the quirky and the conversational, with a catalogue comprising eye-popping brights, unusual geometric patterns, nature-inspired murals and some really great artist collaborations. Maybe you want Andy Warhol’s 1962 masterpiece ‘Dance Steps‘ to remind you to, you know, get up and dance. Or Katie Stout’s playful watercolour ‘Ladies‘ (perfect for a powder room, we think). 


L-R: Anewall’s Bombora Mural, The Dunes, Nuage

Great for: Soothing naturescapes and beautiful colours

Anewall is really the last word in calm, tasteful wallpaper. Their design spectrum runs from watercolour clouds to bolder florals, but always in  pleasing colour palettes and with a romantic feel. (If you’re missing travelling, we can recommend the charming Medina wallpaper, a hand-drawn French streetscape.) 

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