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IKEA Ektorp Review : An Essential Guide to The Ektorp

If there is one IKEA sofa that we would say is the most popular around the world, many would agree with us when we say that it is definitely the IKEA Ektorp. This classic, loveable design is now an integral part of lots of homes, more specifically, the living rooms.

But, what is it that makes the IKEA Ektorp so special (not to mention, ultra-famous), so much so, everyone wants an Ektorp sat in their living room, right in front of that big-screen television?

Well, that’s what we’re here for today. To spill the tea on why the IKEA Ektorp is regarded the best classic IKEA sofa ever. So, let’s get to it.

#1 Comfort

IKEA Ektorp in blush pink slipcovers

The cushions on this sofa are unbelievably comfortable yet provide the ample support needed for your lower back. This is all thanks to the high-resilience foam in the cushions, that springs back into its original shape, the moment you get off the couch.

And to add to that, polyester fibre layers can be found enclosing the foam, giving it additional support. These polyester fibres act like a trampoline (sort of, at least), stretching and snapping back into position, keeping the cushions in great shape.

IKEA Ektorp - Cushions
Image Credit :

The combination of the highly resilient foam and the fibre layers work together to ensure that you don’t get that weird, sinking feeling when you sit in the couch. It’s more of a fibre and foam cloud that keeps you comfy and supported while you watch the telly or chill out with family.

Rating : 9/10

#2 Design & Aesthetics

IKEA Ektorp sofa in grey slipcovers

One look at the IKEA Ektorp and what you will see is a classic, round arm sofa, just like the ones your nan might have had. But, there is a subtle difference. The Ektorp is actually IKEA’s modern take on the vintage round arm sofa.

While the vintage versions were huge and bulky, the Ektorp is comparatively smaller and conserves space. This makes it the perfect choice for those who would love a quintessential sofa, but have very limited real estate to play around with.

IKEA Ektorp sofa in cream slipcovers

The seats are also not too deep. They’re about 88cm deep (that’s about 35″), just the right size for you to sit and relax in. The armrests are quite prominent, round shapes but they’re not as gigantic as the olden-day, round arm sofas. The Ektorp is a more sleek, streamlined design, a far-cry from the massive round arm sofas, back in the day.

The best part about the IKEA Ektorp however, is its outstanding choices of slipcovers. There is something for just about everybody. Here are some of the colors that IKEA has for the Ektorp range :

IKEA Ektorp in Lofallet Beige slipcovers
IKEA Ektorp – Lofallet Beige (Image Credit :
IKEA Ektorp in Vittaryd White slipcovers
IKEA Ektorp – Vittaryd White (Image Credit :
IKEA Ektorp in Nordvalla Dark Beige slipcovers
IKEA Ektorp – Nordvalla Dark Beige (Image Credit :
IKEA Ektorp in Nordvalla Dark Grey slipcovers
IKEA Ektorp – Nordvalla Dark Grey (Image Credit :
IKEA Ektorp in Skaftarp Yellow slipcovers
IKEA Ektorp – Skaftarp Yellow (Image Credit :
IKEA Ektorp in Lingbo Multicolor slipcovers
IKEA Ektorp – Lingbo Multicolor (Image Credit :

Personally, my favorite is the Nordvalla Dark Grey. It’s a color that’s easy to care for, works with most decors and if you have kids (of furkids), you wouldn’t need to spend half your time at home, cleaning. Even the Vittaryd White is not really a bad idea. According to care instructions by IKEA, it can be machine washed on warm so the stains would come right off (yay!).

My only other comment would be that the Lingbo Multicolor slipcovers, have way too much going on and after a while, you sort of get bored of the print.

Rating : 8/10

#3 Hackability

IKEA Ektorp Chaise Sectional

In terms of hackability, the IKEA Ektorp can be considered pretty hackable. The Ektorp range comes with a myriad of sections that you can use to build the perfect couch for.

Some of the pieces (or sections) in the IKEA Ektorp family include the 3-seaters, 2-seater, armchair, footstool and everyone’s favorites, the chaise sectional and the 4-seater corner sectional. You can mix and match any of these components and create a couch that’s made for you, by you!

coffee and notebook on the IKEA Ektorp footstool

But, my personal favorite is the combination of the Ektorp three-seater and the footstool. Not only can you create your own chaise at whim by using them in combination, the footstool also doubles as a side table or an extra seating whenever you need it. Plus, the footstool comes with a secret storage compartment to hide away the clutter.

Rating : 7/10

#4 Price

IKEA Ektorp
Image Credit :

When it comes to pricing, the IKEA Ektorp wins hands down. Any other round arm 3-seater sofa can easily cost you US$1000 and above. For instance, the PB Basic Sofa over at our friends, Pottery Barn costs US$ 1,124 while the IKEA Ektorp 3-seater is only US$499. That’s nearly half the price!

Rating : 9/10

The Ultimatum

Comfort-wise, the IKEA Ektorp is essentially incomparable to other IKEA models. The plush cushions are an absolute joy to sit in. Countless people who have bought the Ektorp have vouched for the cushions retaining its shape over the years. In terms of comfort, the only comparable sofa to the IKEA Ektorp would be the IKEA Gronlid, in my opinion. Check out what we had to say about the Gronlid in our IKEA Gronlid review.

Design-wise, the Ektorp is perfect for classic sofa lovers with limited design space to work with. Its streamlined, sleek and toned-down look makes it the ultimate sofa for any living room. Not only that, the IKEA Ektorp costs only half of what other similar sofas are priced at in the market. If this isn’t a wise home-improvement choice, I don’t know what is.

And if you’re not a fan of the Lingbo Multicolor, like me, you’ll love our IKEA Ektorp slipcover range, with more than 70+ different fabrics that you can choose from. Get a fabric sample and say hello to a fresh new set of Ektorp slipcovers for 2022!

If you’ve found this review helpful and want to find out more about other IKEA sofa models, click the button below for the best IKEA sofa reviews!

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  • by Sheila A Glenn
    Posted 2020-07-12 1:44 AM 0Likes

    Why didn’t my couch come with any slip covers????it feels like paper.

    • by Chuck
      Posted 2020-07-14 12:47 PM 0Likes

      Not sure Sheila! Probably best to give your local IKEA a call, from what we know you are actually able to make purchase of the sofas without their covers usually 🙂

      Hope this helps!

  • by Peter Lewis
    Posted 2021-05-08 12:58 AM 0Likes

    Can someone tell me the full length of the 3 seater sofa? The diagram is unclear whether the full length is 218cm or of you then have to add on the arms as well. Thanks, Peter

    • by Naomi
      Posted 2021-05-21 4:57 PM 0Likes

      Sorry ’bout that, Peter!

      The full length (arm-to-arm) of the Ektorp 3 Seater sofa is 218 cm 🙂

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