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11 Ways To Protect Your Sofa from Pets

Pets, pets, pets… We love them and they love us. But why don’t they love our sofas?

Well, I’m sure they love couches. Just not in the same way that we do since they like to bite or scratch the most important piece of our living room furniture.

To make life simpler, we have decided to share with you 11 Ways To Protect Your Sofa from Pets. Hopefully these tips and ideas would be easy to apply with immediate results.

Ready to have an incredible sofa, even with pets in your home?

White puppy and little cat
Protect Your Sofa from Pets with our tips and ideas!

1. Have pet toys next to your sofa

This is probably the most common idea to prevent your dog from biting your sofa legs or your cat from scratching your sofa. Toys such as a chew toy or scratching post help pets to relax and play with them instead of your couch.

There are many types and designs, and it’s important to find the perfect one for your pet. Before purchasing anything, we recommend you to analyze your pet to identify if it loves to bite or scratch. Then you’ll be able to buy a pet toy accordingly.

Dog playing with pet toy
Use pet toys to prevent your dog from bitting your sofa.
A scratching post for your cat is the best solution to protect your couch from its claws.

2. Keep your pet’s nails manicured

Another easy way to protect your sofa is just keeping the claws of your pets short and polished. This easy tip is also great for your pet’s health. Nails that are too long can chip and break, creating painful situations for your cat or dog.

They can also make standing and moving painful or awkward for your pet and in extreme situations, the nails can continue to grow until they curl around and become embedded in the paws of your pet’s feet. Just a few more reasons to keep your pet nails manicured!

Black cat's paw with long claws
Cut the claws of your pet to keep it healthy and protect your furniture.

We also recently found a very interesting product to avoid pets from scratching your sofa. It’s called Soft Paws and they’re tiny ribber nail caps that go on your cat’s claws with a sticky nail-polish-like glue.

These Soft Paws caps are small enough to allow your pet nails to retract normally, so they don’t feel any pain or discomfort. They also fall off naturally and you just need to reattach them as you go.

Cats manicure to protect your sofa
A stylish way to prevent your cat from scratching your sofa. 😉

3. Buy a good and comfy Pet Bed or a Pet Couch Cover

A great way to keep your pet from damaging the sofa is buying them a Pet Bed and teaching them to use it instead of the couch. Pet beds are also a great way to control fur dispersal, because it’ll be mainly all in the same place.

Dog in a pet bed
Create a comfy place for your dog to use it instead of your sofa.

If your pets don’t like the bed you bought, you can try a Pet Couch Cover. Your pet will be able to use your sofa, without leaving hair or dirt on it. Check these out 😉

Dog Couch Cover
Pet’s Couch Covers are an effective and fast solution to protect your couch.

4. Close the door of your living room

At Comfort Works we are huge pet lovers, and we love to have our pets playing and walking all around our homes in a free way. But if you aren’t at home and you can’t control what your pets are doing, it’s important to protect the rooms where your pets can destroy furniture.

For example, just by closing the door of your living room you’ll prevent your pets from damaging your sofa. The alternative is to keep them in a room of their own if space allows it.

Cute cat in front of a door
Meow! Can’t wait for you to leave and scratch your sofa!

If your pets love to scratch a door when it’s closed, you can also buy a Door Scratch Protector. They are available at Amazon, Target, Wallmart and many local shops.

Scratch Door Protector
Close the door of your living room without hesitating about your pet scratching it!

5. Set an entrance at your home so pets can play outside

Many times pets just need a little bit of outdoors time to play, bite things and do all that kind of things that animals have to do. Installing a little pet entrance in your garden’s door is a great way to assure your pet will be entertained when you aren’t at home.

If you don’t have a terrace or a garden in your home, you’ll need to give your pet plenty of exercise during the day.

Pet entrances inspiration
Which pet’s entrance is your favourite?

6. Give your pet plenty of exercise

Take your pet for a walk, play with it, take it to the park… These activities, in addition to improving the physical shape of your pet, will help when they get home to be more relaxed and calm.

Essentially these pets need stimuli and if they’re cooped up all day at home they’ll need something to take it out on – that’s right, your furniture becomes a victim.

If you don’t have enough time to do it during the day, you can always hire a dog walker or take your pet to an animal daycare center where profesionals can play with them and keep them entertained.

Dos playing in a park
Keep your dog calm and relaxed giving them plenty of exercise!

7. Brush your pet’s hair regularly

We know how exhausting it can be to have pet hair all around the house. Just brushing your pet’s hair regularly you’ll prevent this issue and you’ll keep your pet clean and healthy.

In extreme cases, you can also buy a vacumm cleaner specialized in pets hair. There are many of them in the market, for different budgets and situations. We recommend a bagged vacuum to avoid pet hairs to go flying, every time you empty the vacuum cleaner. Of course, not every pet likes this.

Pet's Hair Brush
Avoid having pet’s hair in your house brushing its hair weekly.

8. Spray your furniture with air freshener.

I love this tip because it’s so easy and cost effective! Not only do you keep your sofa smelling good and fresh but pets normally don’t like citrus scents.

As such they’ll need to look for other places to lounge on, allowing you to isolate spaces for better fur control.

Citric Ait Fresheners to keep pets away from couches
An easy way to protect your sofa from pets? Citric air fresheners!

9. Pheromone electric diffuser

Alternatively you could buy a pheromone plug-in and put it in your living room. Some of these difussers have an odor that will keep your pets away from this area without damaging their health. Others just have a calming effect on them.

Pet shops and Amazon are a great way to find this product. Here’s a couple of the most common brands of pheromone electric diffusers:

Adaptil and Feliway: two pheromone diffusers for pets
Find these brands in Amazon an pet shops.

10. Double Sided Tapes

This is probably not the most aesthetic solution but it works really well. You just need to spread double-sided tape on places of your couch where your pets love to scratch, like the sofa legs, the armrest, etc.

The sticky feeling of the double sided tape will keep your pet away from the sofa. When buying the double-sided tape, remember to choose one which doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your furniture.

Double Sided Tape to protect your sofa from pets
If it’s sticky, cat’s won’t scratch! A great way to educate your pet.

11. Pet-friendly Sofa Covers

If all else fails, a pet-friendly slipcover is the best way to protect your sofa from pets. At Comfort Works we have more than 60 types of fabrics to make our handmade slipcovers with. One of them is even designed specifically for pets: our pet-friendly sofa covers.

IKEA Kivik Sofa with a Pet-Friendly Slipcover. This cat loves it!

The material for pet-friendly slipcovers is a soft velvet that is too tightly woven for claws and teeth to pierce, which makes them the perfect protection against rowdy cats and dogs.

Tooth and claw-proof!

They are also available in a wide variety of covers and are tailor-fit to your sofa to keep it stylish. We recommend getting one that matches the color of your pet’s fur. This way the fur won’t be so visible all around your sofa, though the slipcovers can be washed with the washing machine for periodic easy cleaning as well.

If the look is not for you, some of our customers have shared that our leather slipcovers are also a great choice for pets as they are easy to clean with a damp cloth. It doesn’t attract hair like fabrics and is more odour resistant than other materials.

Cats in general are also less likely to scratch leather, as there are little to no gaps for their claws to go through,  but accidents do happen so it’s always recommended to trim their nails anyway.  Prevention is always better than cure!

Karlstad Sofa with leather sofa covers from Comfort Works. Fabric Savannah Saddle
Leather is durable and easy to clean! Ready to have an elegant sofa compatible with pets?

The best way to test which is most suitable is by ordering some fabric samples and checking them in person. And don’t forget to rub them on your pets! You can order some of our fabric swatches here.

Hope these ideas will help you to protect your sofa! If you have more tips or advice for homes with pets, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below. We always read them 🙂

If you are interested in learning more about our pet-friendly sofa covers, visit us on our online store. You can also connect with us through our social media. We have accounts on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

Have a nice day!