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Bring the world into your living room this summer

As the world begins to open up again, some of us have dared to dream about summer holidays in far-flung locations. Wandering the streets of a foreign city (in brand new sandals bought for the occasion), or dipping your toes in crystal clear waters, or crunching into piping hot street food at the end of the night. 

We’ll get there some day (and by that we mean next year🤞). But if you feel the need for change now, and you’re tired of staring at the same four walls, we have some ideas. If you can’t go out to the world, bring the world to you. Even if that just means putting a new rug down. 

(It’s also a great opportunity to support small, independent artisans and makers whose businesses may have struggled over the course of the pandemic.)

Add a splash of Senegal with baskets – or make your own

Image credit: La Basketry

La Basketry champions the craftsmanship of Senegalese basket makers. Their baskets, homeware and accessories are woven by Senegalese artisans in bright, beautiful colours – perfect as a summer accent to your home. If you’d like to take on a summer project, La Basketry also run workshops and sell basket kits, like the Mini Basket Kit pictured here.  

Put Paris on your walls

Image credit: Anewall

Are you missing the arrondissements of Paris? Get them up on your walls, courtesy of this delightful wallpaper from Anewall. This mural-style wallpaper (also available as a print, if you can’t commit to wallpaper) features charming line drawings of characteristically Parisian buildings in soft, pastel tones. So you can always have Paris. 

Get the colours of Jaipur, the Pink City

Image credit: Jaipur Rugs

There are few images more evocative than those of Jaipur’s grand and regally pink buildings. You might not be able to quite capture the grandeur but you can definitely enjoy a beautiful splash of pink in your home. Jaipur Rugs has a stunning selection of hand-woven and hand-tufted rugs in a rainbow of colours, but we can’t look past the pink ones. 

Create calm with Japanese ceramics

Image credit: Miyake Ceramics

If the bright colours and frenetic energy of summer get you down, lean into a calmer aesthetic and focus on small moments – like making matcha. Pieces from Miyake Ceramics are one-of-a-kind and handmade in Japan’s famous ceramics region, Toki-city. 

Channel that Provence country home style

Image credit: Comfort Works

One word: linen. Natural fibres in a classic neutral shade are what you need to get the slightly crumpled, charmingly dishevelled French chic look for summer. But don’t go out and buy a whole new sofa – that’s what slipcovers are for. 

Ready to give your sofa a linen makeover?