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IKEA Lycksele sofa bed review – a convertible wonder

In this review, we will be taking a look at the IKEA Lycksele. The great thing about it is that you can choose the sofa bed mattress *and* cover to customise it exactly the way you want.


  1. The basics
  2. Design & aesthetics
  3. Comfort
  4. Price
  5. Verdict
  6. Slipcoverable: Yay or nay?

The basics

The IKEA Lycksele series is currently available in the US and UK stores. It comes in a chair bed and a 2-seat sofa bed. As with all things, unfortunately, we can’t have it all the chair bed is not available in the US.

So if you’ve been thinking about that Europe trip, this would be the perfect time (ahem, excuse).

The chair bed looked exactly how I thought it would small, and easy to move around to make room for the occasional house guest.

Its frame measures a width of 80cm, depth of 100cm, and height of 87cm.

The sofa bed, on the other hand, was much smaller than I had expected. 

After taking a quick look at the tag, I was shocked to find that the frame measures the same as that of the chair bed, with the exception of its width of 142cm.

Design & aesthetics

One thing I noticed about the IKEA Lycksele sofa bed was that the back actually forms part of the mattress.

To convert it to its bed form, all you’d need to do is to lift the bottom up and gently pull it towards you until it fully extends. 

After a quick run to the covers section, IKEA has them in 5 colours:

  • Ransta natural
  • Knisa light grey
  • Tutstad multicolour
  • Vansbro bright green
  • Vansbro dark grey

Personally, the Vansbro bright green looks like something straight out of a maximalist living room feature.


The Lycksele feels quite firm, its wadding is made of 100% polyester. For those of you who make use of your couch’s armrests, we have some sad news the Lycksele does not have any armrests.

You’d think that a sofa bed would cater to people of all shapes and sizes.

One thing I will say is that it isn’t very petite-people-friendly to sit on. Fortunately for me, IKEA added a back cushion to the display (sold separately, of course.)

I appreciated the extra back support and being propped up enough to rest my feet on the ground highly recommend getting one if you’re on the petite side.

Lying on the Lycksele sofa bed, even my 5’1 frame only just fit onto the mattress (I can only imagine what it’d be like for those with taller frames).


If you’re just as picky (read: frugal) as I am, fret not you have three options:

  • The Lövås mattress (made of polyurethane foam)
  • The Murbo mattress (made of high resilient foam, polyurethane foam)
  • The Håvet mattress (made of latex, high resilient polyurethane foam)

As of 2022, here are some ballpark costs for the chair bed:

  • The Lycksele Lövås (starts at £199)
  • The Lycksele Murbo (starts at £229)
  • The Lycksele Håvet (starts at £279)

As for the sofa bed:

  • The Lycksele Lövås (starts at £299)
  • The Lycksele Murbo (starts at £329)
  • The Lycksele Håvet (starts at £379)

Price-wise, I just have to say: you get exactly what you pay for. I’d suggest going to your local IKEA and testing the mattresses out for yourself before making a final decision.


  • Design & aesthetics: 6/10
  • Comfort: 6/10
  • Price: 8/10

Overall, I’d say that the IKEA Lycksele sofa bed is great in terms of value for money. It caters to people with different budgets, as well as preferences (i.e. softness vs. firmness).

It is best if you’re going to be a casual user of its sofa bed function (or just have excited younger kids that really like camping out in the living room).

One thing you could also consider would be to get it as a fun add-on to your main furniture setup.

Slipcoverable: Yay or nay?

Before you ask: Yes, covers for the IKEA Lycksele are available on our site! Explore the IKEA Lycksele series here.

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