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Custom Slipcovers and Loose Cover for any Sofa model - Order Online

“How come you guys don’t do custom slipcovers for other brands as well? Aren’t they all slipcover-able?”

As a matter of fact, we actually DO make custom slipcovers for non-IKEA brands.

Although we’re primarily known for being the specialists on custom IKEA slipcovers, we’ve been gradually expanding into other furniture brands such as Crate and Barrel covers, West Elm sofa covers, Restoration Hardware couch covers, Rowe slipcovers, Muji slipcovers, and Pottery Barn slipcovers.

Not only that, but we’ve also been accepting online requests to make custom slipcovers from lesser known brands and sofa models as well.

With just a couple of measurements and only a few pictures of the sofa sent to us through our online page, we are able to produce these highly customized slipcovers for our customers.

Find your fabric.

Liege Biscuit Custom Slipcovers for Lovegrowswild
Liege Biscuit Custom Slipcovers for Lovegrowswild

This is a custom slipcover we made with one of our best-selling fabrics, Liege Biscuit. (Though our Leige fabric has been discontinued, we have replaced it with our improved and longer-lasting fabric — the Luna Flax)

The customer wasn’t in the market to get an entirely new sofa, because there was nothing actually wrong with her current one.

We wanted to help them achieve the precise look they wanted for their living room — so we sent them some fabric samples, got the measurements, and three weeks later, 2 sets of beautiful linen sofa covers appeared at their doorstep.

“A miracle has happened in our living room, guys. A beautiful, wonderful, life-changing miracle in the form of custom linen slipcovers on our sofas!” – Liz @Lovegrowswild


Custom Slipcovers in Herringbone Cement - MyFabulessLife
Custom Slipcovers in Herringbone Cement – MyFabulessLife

This sofa in Herringbone Cement (Grey) was another custom sofa cover that we were happy to make for a customer who was looking for some budget-friendly ways to give her sofa a new look.

“I was NERVOUS about simply sending some measurements and getting back a slipcover that actually fit my couch. To say I was pleased with the end result would be the understatement of the year. The true test: my husband LOVES them”. — Jenn @Myfabulesslife

Some custom sofa magic.

Custom Pottery Barn Basic Sofa Slipcovers - love seat and 3 seater with Contrast Cordings and Box Pleats
Custom Pottery Barn Basic Loveseat and 3 seater with Contrast Cording and Corner Pleats

“Can you do the same magic on these sofas?” — asked one of our customers. They owned a loveseat (two-seater), and a couch (three-seater) from Pottery Barn, and was trying to find someone to sew a new slipcover for their sofa.

They also requested some custom piping/ cording in a latte color after learning that we also offer different customization options in the seams and skirt styles.

We exchanged a few more details about the sofas, received the measurements, and went to work.

Age is just a number.

West Elm custom sofa slipcover
Custom Slipcovers in Kino Shadow

One of our customers over in Adelaide has been using the same leather sofa in their house for more than 15 years.

The sofa would have already been in the dumpster if they didn’t stumble upon one of our slipcovers that was featured on IKEAFans.

They gave us a call, and 3 weeks later, their new slipcover showed up.

We didn’t just stop at sofas.

Custom Sofa Covers and Parsons Dining Chairs

For this request, we made 2 different kinds of custom slipcovers. One for their sofa, and the other for their dining chairs.

Once again, we went through the usual process of exchanging a couple of emails, pictures, and measurements. 3 weeks later, they now have a beautiful custom made sofa cover with matching dining chair slipcovers to match.

Making a custom slipcover for both the sofa and the dining chairs in the same fabric and style really helped create a consistent overall look between the living room and dining area.

Not an IKEA sofa? Don’t be shy.

Custom Slipcover in Rouge Emerald

Though we started off as IKEA slipcover specialists, our years on the job have made us so much more than just that.

We didn’t just stop at IKEA slipcovers, we didn’t want to restrict our slipcovers to solely IKEA brands alone— which is why we started expanding out into other sofa brands like West Elm, Restoration Hardware, and Crate and Barrel, just to name a few.

We looked at the other sofa brands out there and realized that not many of them were offering helpful — and more importantly, cheap — solutions for people with damaged or dirtied sofas that didn’t involve reupholstery.

A nice West Elm sofa like the Monroe or the Drake can set you back about
$1,000 – $1,500 or so, and finding someone to reupholster it if it’s damaged could cost almost just as much.

We believe that investments like your sofa should have convenient and affordable solutions to keep it looking clean and fresh for as long as it possibly can — which is precisely how this company started in the first place.

Price of Our Custom Slipcovers.

SizesMax WidthStarting Prices in USD
Footstoolup to 100 cm / 39″$179.00
Dining chairup to 100 cm / 39″$79.00
Armchairup to 160 cm / 63″$329.00
2 Seaterup to 215 cm / 85″$449.00
3 Seaterup to 260 cm / 102″$549.00
4 Seaterup to 295 cm / 116″$627.00

The steps to getting yourself a handcrafted made-to-measure cover start with sending us a photo and a rough overall width. This is to see if we can make covers for you, and provide a quote.

Different furniture brands like West Elm and Pottery Barn have distinctly different styles of sofas, which is why we always have to make sure that we can actually produce a slipcover that fits your sofa.

Alternatively as a ballpark, check out the table below of the charges involved (in the Army Duck or Canvas Cotton GAIA). Note that prices will already include fabrics, workmanship, and any customisations (pleats, pipes, looseness etc).

Shipping worldwide is generally free, but would incur for certain countries along with import duties so do contact us just to be sure 🙂

Custom Slipcovers definitely aren’t the easiest things to sew especially when communications are done electronically, which is why we’re so fussy with what we can or cannot do, but our promise regardless is that we will always do our best to deliver quality and satisfaction at the end of the day 😉

Getting Custom Slipcovers Made.


Although we are able to produce custom slipcovers for most sofa brands and models, some sofa designs are simply more challenging to complete than others.

Especially if you own an old Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Rowe, or Pottery Barn sofa where slipcovers aren’t that common, getting a custom slipcover made can definitely help bring new life and a fresh look into your living room.

Check out our post and infographic that will help you find out whether or not your sofa is indeed slip-coverable

If your sofa turns out to be slipcover-able, and you’re interested in getting a custom slipcover made for your sofa — get started simply by clicking the button below!


If you just so happen to own a Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Rowe, or Restoration Hardware sofa. You’re in luck!

We’re currently offering our custom made-to-measure sofa cover service at an introductory flat rate for the brands mentioned above!