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Ghost Sofa hack on the Ikea Soderhamn sofa - custom slipcovers

Read part one of our Ghost Sofa Hack. To recap, we’re trying to recreate the look of the ultra-premium Ghost Sofa on an Ikea Soderhamn corner sofa, because of reasons.

In case you forgot how the original from Ghost Sofa from Gervasoni looks like, here it is again:

Ghost sofa by Paola Navone for Gervasoni
Ghost sofa by Paola Navone for Gervasoni

This is the sofa frame we cobbled together consisting of 2 Soderhamn corner sofas, sans the original covers and back cushions (Note: the original sofa comes with metal rods as legs but we swapped them for wooden sofa legs instead):

Since we’re pretty experienced in creating custom slipcovers (even if I have to say so myself), I just whipped out my trusty dressmaker’s measuring tape and got to work. What we need here is a sofa frame cover and a zillion throw pillows.

Referring back to the Ghost sofa image again, there is one major difference – the seat cushion. The original Ghost 12 doesn’t have a separate seat cushion (similar to the Ikea Klippan) while the Ikea Soderhamn has 2 square, flat cushions. While I’m tempted to just discard the thin seat cushions to achieve the look, the Soderhamn’s frame does not have any foam or padding in there and would be horrible to sit on, which leaves us with either creating a slipcover that would go over the seat or sacrifice the smooth look for a little comfort and make cushion covers for the seat too.

I eventually opted for the latter because we want a beautiful sofa, but it has to be practical too! Also it turns out that there is the Ghost 13, a sofabed version which has a single flat seat cushion, so we’re forgiven 😉 Our fabric of choice is the famously wine-resistant Liege fabric in Eggshell, which is a lovely relaxed white linen-viscose blend.

Once the measurements had been submitted to our tailors, I waited for a couple of weeks of them to be finished off and delivered. Oh the suspense!

This is Comfort Works' version of the Ghost sofa via IKEA Soderhamn Hack.

White on white and white may be a bit of an overkill, but it’s an absolute dream! The Soderhamn’s wide and deep seating is emphasised now that we aren’t using the original giant cushions, but it still looks fantastic and the linen makes it a perfect place for a nap on a warm afternoon.

In terms of comfort, it’s still pretty much like the original Soderhamn, with hard armrests that you won’t want to put your head on (and physically won’t be able to anyway due to the armrest height), but the deep seat depth gives you so much room to stretch out and lounge around. Currently the cushions are 42x42cm (or 16×16 inches) so if you wanted to try this yourself, you might want to get some that are larger for some height variation.

In terms of style though, I believe we did pretty well in keeping the original Ghost sofa style with the floor-length skirt and inverted or pinched seams emphasizing the clean outline of the sofa frame. I also opted to put two square seat cushions into one giant seat cushion cover hoping for a nice streamlined shape, and it worked! I also chose white linen because of the slight depth of tone that comes from the woven fibers, instead of a flat white fabric.

Price comparison:

2 Soderhamn corner sofas from Ikea: AU$700 or about US$540

Custom slipcover from Comfort Works in Liege Eggshell: US$807 (custom slipcover prices vary depending on the fabric selection and size)

Total cost: US$1347

That works out to about half the price of the Ghost 12, plus there’s the added bonus of the fun in the whole process, right? If you’re not up for it, we also offer slipcovers for the whole Ikea Soderhamn range, or else you can get a completely personalized sofa cover in the same style, just ask us!


For those interested in some off-the-shelf alternatives, here are some from around the interwebs:

1) Basketweave Linen Carlier Slipcover Sofa from Anthropologie

2) Joe Deep Sofa with Arms from MCM House

3) Oasis Sofa from Crate and Barrel (possibly discontinued?)

4) Belgian Track Arm Slipcovered Sofa from Restoration Hardware


So that’s how we did it! We transformed the ever versatile Ikea Soderhamn into a fancy designer sofa, or is it not close enough? Let us know what you think in the comments.