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IKEA Ekebol Sofa review: The fancy industrial sofa

IKEA does sometimes come up with quirky designs (unfathomable, even) and one of them is the IKEA Ekebol.

The original design idea was for it to be a seating unit with ample storage space, a perfect choice for those with smaller living spaces.

I’d say they’ve definitely achieved this with the end product.

Setting first impression aside for a little bit, let’s look at the Comfort Works break down of the IKEA Ekebol.

#1 Comfort

IKEA Ekebol Comfort
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The foam seat cushion is pretty comfy, but you can’t really say the same for the back cushions. After having the sofa for some time, you are definitely going to feel the wire mesh digging into your back.

But, if you’re a midday-napper, the IKEA Ekebol can offer a pretty decent napping experience. Also, the cushions can be detached from the frame and used as a makeshift pillow, which ups its versatility factor.

Overall, it’s a tad bit less comfy than an actual, traditional couch. But, for an out-of-the-norm, industrial “sofa”, it does a pretty decent job in terms of comfort.

#2 Aesthetics

IKEA Ekebol Design and Aesthetics
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IKEA was gunning for an offbeat design that would be able to serve multiple purposes. Mission accomplished.

And although the plain, beig-ey Katorp Natural colour it comes in can be a tad uninspiring considering its utilitarian looks, you can easily spice things up with a sofa slipcover.

The little wedge of space to leave your mug on is a cute touch too.

#3 Hackability 

IKEA Ekebol Hackability
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Hackability is definitely not the Ekebol’s strong suit. I mean, the 3-seater is the only product in the series.

However, it does have plenty of storage space. I imagine that the bottom storage panel makes cute bookshelf for your favorite reads. Especially if you’re into lazy, weekend reading session.

IKEA also has some tips. They suggest using the wire mesh to hang things from it, which is very doable and even practical for small spaces.

#4 Price

IKEA Ekebol Price
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A 3-seater IKEA Ekebol is USD$399. That’s the same price as the reigning IKEA comfort champion, the Ektorp.

In my head, it would make sense to invest USD$399 in a super comfy sofa rather than a decently comfortable, avant-garde type sofa, but it really all depends on the size of your space and the type of look you’re going for.

If an industrial, prototype-looking space is your cup of tea, the Ekebol’s price is very reasonable.

Final Remarks

The IKEA Ekebol is an interesting concept but IKEA could have executed the idea better.

For starters, they could have gone with storage spaces that were not-so- explicit. Maybe a pull-out drawer in the bottom panel would be nice. Or a pull-out bed, even. Some form of paneling, really.

Price-wise, the Ekebol is comparatively reasonable compared to other industrial sofa options from IKEA. Take the Delaktig we’d recently reviewed, for example. A Delaktig 3-seater is nearly twice the price of the Ekebol! That’s pretty steep.

In terms of comfort, I can safely say that 80% of the comfort was provided by the well-built foam seat cushion. It gives you great support, both when sitting down and stealing some shut-eye.

We’ve done the gritty bits for you, you only need to decide whether the IKEA Ekebol is a fit for your decor.

Have an Ekebol? Let us know how you’ve customized your storage spaces in the comments below.

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3 years ago

I’m a dedicated Ikea hacker, always on the lookout for new ideas. My housemate and I purchased two Ekebols, situating them across from and facing each other, with a farm-industrial coffee table between. We love them so much we’re purchasing more. We were looking for environmentally sustainable options, and though… Read more »