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Where to Get Replacement Cushion Foam Inserts

Did you know you could purchase replacement cushion foam inserts? It’s a nifty way of restoring your sofa, just like a custom slipcover! Especially as the cushions are the first victims of wear & tear. But first, a few comments on the types of cushions and cushion fillers that you would have on your sofa.


Firm to start off, feather cushions usually soften with use and become soft, squishy cushions with a luxurious sink-in feel. Maintenance is simple: a regular fluffing, turning, and the odd shake to disperse any lumps and bumps are all it needs.

Could be either seat or back cushions.

Moulded Foam

These cushions are a much firmer option and require occasional turning to keep them looking good. They may lose some of their initial density (as with any sofa cushion), but will keep their shape for years to come. Can be made to different densities.

Mostly used in seat cushions.

Hollowfill Fibre

These cushions are soft, squishy, and give you that ‘sinking into your couch’ feeling. Sometimes you’ll leave a bit of an imprint in the cushion after standing up. They require regular fluffing and turning as they soften with use so it’s important to rotate them regularly to ensure even wear. This especially applies if you tend to use the same seat cushion.

These are synthetic, anti-allergenic polyester fibres. Very common in back cushions.

These are the three most common stuffings for cushions, and should help you find your replacement cushion insert easily. There’s some extra options like batting, Dacron and other coverings which would change the feel of the cushion.

Where to Get Those Replacement Cushion Inserts

We’ve made a small list of sources, which we might add to if you have any recommmendations in the comments. Grouped by regions, just for you 🙂

North America

  1. Amazon!
    • Do a search for Upholstery Foam, and you should find Mybecca and Foamtouch.
    • There’s even a Couch Cushion Filling category!
    • These guys make custom foam cushions to any dimensions.
    • Same thing as foamorder, custom foam to any dimensions.
    • See above
    • See above
  6. Urban Castle Solutions
    • Custom cut-to-size seat and back foam cushion inserts with a local store in Washington, DC but delivers nationwide online!


    • Custom made foam, with your choice of wrapping
    • Custom made foam, not sure if you can choose wrap.
    • Custom made foam cushions.
    • Seems to be custom made foam anything, mattresses, cushions and so on.


    • Custom made foam, with your choice of density and wrapping
    • Sells loose filling so you could restuff your cushions.
    • These dudes even sell outdoor cushions, pretty neat!

So there you have it. Something I’d never have thought of, hopefully this has helped you.

If you’re thinking of a sofa makeover or considering upholstery, check out our alternative way to restore your old couch!